Pastora Soler for Spain!

Pastora Soler, Spain's choice for Baku

Pastora Soler, Spain's choice for Baku

During a mid-day chat show today on RTVE, it was announced that veteran singer Pastora Soler would be representing Spain in Baku.  The 33-year old Seville native started performing at the tender age of twelve, released her first album at fourteen, and has been recording and performing consistently since then.  Her typical style blends pop and flamenco, and she has a flair for the dramatic.  Here’s the video for her most recent single, “Demasiado amor (Too Much Love)”:

For a sampling of more traditional fare, here’s a live recording of her performance of “Trinia”.

Pastora marks Spain’s first internal selection since 2006 (when Las Ketchup took to the stage in Athens with “Un Blodymary“), but the public (and a jury) will have a say in deciding what we’ll hear at Eurovision.  It is unclear when the official Spanish National Final will take place, although we know it will happen sometime in February.  A press conference has been scheduled for this Friday (December 23), so we can assume that more details will come to light then.  She has said that she hopes that her song for Azerbaijan would be “a good pop song”, and it’s more than possible that it might be a cut from her album “Una mujer como yo (A woman like me)”, which was released in October.  She has even started thinking about her on-stage presentation: according to her website, she would like her husband, a choreographer, to have a hand in what goes on, and she’s already got her eye on wearing something designed by Elie Saab.

More details to come, of course, but what do you think of Pastora so far?

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  1. Good singer and interesting choice.
    I don’t remember Spain sending a ballad recently.My favorite Spanish ballad remains Nacida para amar, years ago !!!

    It does not mean I want a ballad for Belarus too ! I want Litesound: they would finally deserve the ticket for 2012, and Belarus should try a band for once.It won’t hurt their popularity after a wide range of desastrous results !!!

    • I loved “Nacida Para Amar”, too…that performance always struck me as so sweet, and so joyful. You could tell that Nina was really happy to be there! As far as I can tell, the last ballad we’ve heard from Spain was 1999’s “No Quiero Escuchar”, which ended up in dead last, and only one point. Let’s hope Pastora can do better than that…

      …and as for Belarus, I’m a Litesound fan, too. 😉

  2. Fantastic choice and I think that a strong ballad would be a good option. Spain was pretty successful with power ballads in the 90s (91, 95, 97) and with Nina in 89. Since 2000 they have mainly sent dance songs in different styles and quality and failed miserably. Daniel Diges had a ballad too and got Spain’s best result since 2004. Buena suerte España!
    P.S. I do not like ‘Nacida para amar’ much. It is probably my least favourite ESC ballad from Spain.

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