RAI Reveals the Candidates for Sanremo

After years of absence, Italy made a splash on the ESC scoreboard in 2011 with Raphael Gualazzi’s surprise runner-up finish.  After such a strong showing, broadcaster RAI has announced that they will continue on in Eurovision, and will pick their 2012 performer in the same manner as last year: through a special jury who will handpick a performer from the ranks of this year’s SanRemo Festival.  As in previous years, the Festival will be split into two separate components: one for established artists and one for newcomers.

Competing in the division for established stars:

  • Pierdavide Carone feat. Lucio Dalla – “Nanì”
  • Irene Fornaciari – “Il mio grande mistero”
  • Emma Marrone –  “Non è l’inferno”
  • Matia Bazar – “Sei tu”
  • Noemi – “Sono solo parole”
  • Francesco Renga – “La tua bellezza”
  • Arisa – “La notte”
  • Nina Zilli – “Per sempre”
  • Samuele Bersani – “Un pallone”
  • Dolcenera – “Ci vediamo a casa”
  • Chiara Civello – “Al posto del mondo”
  • Gigi d’Alessio & Loredana Berté – “Respirare”
  • Eugenio Finardi – “E tu lo chiami Dio”
  • Marlene Kuntz – “Canzone per un figlio”

Some of these names might be familiar to Eurofans: Matia Bazar represented Italy in 1979 with “Raggio di Luna“.  Loredana Berté is the sister of the late Mia Martini, who performed twice at Eurovision (1977 and 1992).  And Emma Marrone was the runner-up in last year’s SanRemo Festival, performing with rock group Modà on “Arriverà“.  (Furthermore, dedicated followers of this blog might remember that I put Arisa on my “ESC Wish List” last year.  My fingers are still crossed!)

And the Newcomers:

It appears that Alessandro Casillo would be ineligible for Eurovision participation, as he is only fifteen years old, and won’t turn sixteen until June.  So that means that one of the other twenty-one songs listed above will have their shot at the ESC…who do you think will take it?  Will it be another newcomer, or one of the veterans?  And will they be able to better Raphael Gualazzi’s score, and take a Eurovision victory back to Italy for the first time since Toto Cutugno’s win in 1990?

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  1. The names were released weeks ago, actually. But some huge names and very much looking forward to it all. I’m a big fan of Dolcenara’s as well as Emma and Noemi (both of whom are very popular in Italy).

    Off topic, but just randomly found this story from The Economist you might like.


  2. Samantha Ross

    There had been some rumors floating around (including the return of Toto Cutugno or Gualazzi), but it looks like they were officially confirmed today. Plus, I wanted to be able to show all of the Newcomers, as well. 😉

    I saw that article (and listened to the BBC radio piece that it mentioned)…very interesting!

  3. and quite the field of newcomers it is! And yes that article is kind of interesting. Very “Economist” in style.

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