20 Semifinalists Revealed in Moldova

Moldovan broadcaster TRM have officially unveiled the twenty jury-selected finalists for their National Selection.  A twenty-first entry will be selected by a public internet vote, and the National Final will be held on March 10 (the same day as the Finals of Portugal’s Festival Da Canção and Sweden’s Melodifestivalen, if you’ve been keeping track).

The candidate songs are (with links, when available):

There area few familiar names scattered throughout this list: Geta Burlacu represented Moldova in 2008 with “A Century of Love” (and failed to reach the Final in Belgrade: a first for Moldova), and Nelly Ciobanu followed in Geta’s footsteps by singing in Moscow in 2009.  “Hora Din Moldova” ended up in 14th place that year.  Sadly, the song presented by SunStroke Project and Olia Tira, who sang “Run Away” in Oslo, was eliminated by the Moldovan jury, as there had been allegations of plagiarism.  But this is my blog, dangit, and their 2012 entry has to be heard to be believed…

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