France: Anggun’s “Echo (You and I)” Released

After much speculation (and a bit of an unanticipated leak from, France’s Anggun has released “Echo (You and I)”, her entry for Baku.  Written by William Rousseau, Jean-Pierre Pilot, and Anggun herself, the song was mixed by Veronica Ferraro, who has collaborated with superstar David Guetta.

Listen to the track after the jump:

As for my personal thoughts, I think it’s well-sung, danceable, and catchy, although the mix feels rather frenetic (and the red herring of an opener throws me off a bit).  However, all in all, I do really enjoy France’s 2012 contribution to the contest, and I have a feeling this will go over very well at the Euroclub in Baku. It’s way too early to tell how this will do on the scoreboard, but as Anggun will be attending National Finals and preview events all over Europe to promote the song (which has been rare in the past for French entries), we might have a chance to see how well she performs live.

I love how the French have been throwing such a wide variety of genres at audiences over the last few years.  It’s nearly impossible to put Sébastien Tellier, Patricia Kaas, Jesse Matador, Amaury Vassili, and now Anggun in the same box.  I really applaud France 3 for branching out with their artist and genre selection.

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  1. I had not fallen in love with a French song so instantly for years at Eurovision ! I love it. What a change for FranceTV !
    The beginning of the song is bad though… and the “whistling ” reminds me of Sweden 2011…
    Good luck, Anggun !

  2. I actually do not like it. But, maybe I’m a little bit biased. 😛

  3. I hated it when I heard the preview; which was a dissapointment as I’ve been listening to and enjoying some of Anggun’s previous music.
    But then, after the first listen to the whole song, it has literally been STUCK in my head all day. Come home; listen to it again, and I’ve fallen in love with it.
    Félicitations à la France!!! 😛

  4. I love this France always stuck in my head..” In my dreams, in my heart, in my mind..i see you and i, there is you and i..”

  5. Please completely disregard my previous comment. I have listened to this song again and I have grown to absolutely love it. I actually think it gives France a very good chance to achieve the top 5 and possibly even win.

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