Germany: Two more contestants out of “Unser Star für Baku”

Another week, another elimination in Germany’s search for their next Eurovision star.  This time around, the eight remaining contestants performed, hoping for one of only six spots in Monday’s show.  There was a minor modification in the voting, however; while the rankings and percentages were still instantly displayed on screen as they were tallied, there was a series of “final countdowns”, determining the placement of contestants one by one.  That is, when the first timer ran out, that locked in the winner of the televote, rather than who was immediately going home.  A second countdown was held, determining the night’s runner-up, et cetera.  It appears that this was done in order to cut down on the chaos of previous weeks, and it seems to be working thus far.

Eliminated this week were:

  • Umut Anil – “Someone Like You
  • Sebastian Dey – “Hey Hey Hey” (To Sebastian’s credit, he was the only performer to offer up original compositions during the show!)

Remaining in the competition, in ranked order from tonight’s show:

Who’s been standing out for you?  Leave a comment!

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