Results: First Semifinal in Lithuania

This past weekend was a busy one in the world of Eurovision.  Alongside the National Final in Malta and Semis in Sweden, Hungary, and Norway, Lithuania also held their first Semifinal of the 2012 season.  Nine songs were performed, with the top scorers in a combined jury and televote moving on to the Finals on March 3.

Continuing on in the competition are:1) Beissoul – “Why” (getting top marks from the jury and the public vote)

2) The Independent – “Baby” (getting 10 points from the jury, and 8 from the public)

3) Multiks – “Star” (getting 7 points from the jury, and 10 from the public)

We’ll see the second Lithuanian semifinal next week, including the return of the seemingly relentless Donny Montell, who often comes oh-so-close to victory…

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  1. “Why” is one of my favourite songs of this NF season although I think that there is a grammatical mistake in the lyrics if I understood Beissoul correctly.

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