Five Songs Revealed in Ireland

We’ve seen the rumors, we’ve heard the whispers, we’ve fallen for some of the red herrings …and now we’ve finally heard the songs!  Irish broadcaster RTÉ has unveiled the quintet of songs in the running for the nation’s ticket to Baku.  The songs will be performed on “The Late Late Show” on February 24, and a 50/50 jury/televote split will determine the winner.

In their running order, the songs are:

1) Celtic Whisper & Maria McCool – “Mistaken” (written and mentored by Edele Barrett)

2) Donna McCaul – “Mercy” (written by Marten Ericsson, Peter Mansson, Lina Ericsson, and Bill Hughes; mentored by Bill Hughes)

3) Andrew Mann – “Here I Am” (written and mentored by Greg French)

4) Una Gibney & David Shannon – “Language of Love” (written by Eanan Patterson, Julian Benson; mentored by Julian Benson)

5) Jedward – “Waterline” (written by Nick Jarl; mentored by Linda Martin)

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  1. I really like the first two songs, but, as we all know, Jedward will probably win. I am hoping for Mercy though.

    • Donna and Jedward are my personal favorites…it all depends on who’s voting, though, and if either the televoters or the juries feel any Jedward-fatigue…

  2. I don’t think Jedward will be able to pull that off live. But I suspect they’ll get the chance anyway. The poll seems to think so too.

    I also voted for Donna (not knowing if she can pull it off live either). I wish it didn’t have the Ke$ha thing in the middle.

  3. I love “Mistaken”. I would love Ireland to pick this song, show us some REAL Irish culture after the annoyingly catchy Jedward and the years of dreary ballads…
    I wouldnt mind if Jedward or Donna went back, but tehyre not my personal faves…

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