Preview: Melodifestivalen Semifinal 2

It’s a Saturday in February, and you know what that means…time for another Melodifestivalen Semifinal!  This week’s event comes to us from the Scandinavium Arena in Göteborg, which also hosted the 1985 Eurovision Final.  This week, we’ll see eight contenders fighting for two tickets to go “direkt till Globen” and two opportunities for an “andra chansen” on March 3.  As usual, broadcaster SVT keeps a tight lid on the songs until their live presentation (and then promptly locks the qualifiers down again), but we’ve seen minute-long snippets of rehearsal footage. 

Competing this week are:

  1. Ulrik Munther – “Soldiers
  2. Top Cats – “Baby Doll
  3. Sonja Aldén – “I din himmel
  4. Andreas Lundstedt – “Aldrig aldrig
  5. Timoteij – “Stormande hav
  6. David Lindgren – “Shout it Out
  7. Mimi Oh – “Det går för långsamt
  8. Thomas Di Leva – “Ge aldrig upp

Who do you think will make it to Stockholm on the 10th of March (or at least to Nyköping on the 3rd)?

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