Iceland has decided: it’s Jónsi and Gréta Salóme!

The highly-anticipated Final of Iceland’s National Selection, Söngvakeppni Sjónvarpsins (try saying that five times fast!), wrapped up this Saturday, with seven songs vying for the victory and the chance to represent the nation in Baku this May.  Despite a number of strong performances, only one song could win…

After a 50/50 jury/televote split, Iceland has selected Gréta Salóme Stefánsdóttir and Jón Jósep Snæbjörnsson (better known to the ESC world as Jónsi) with the song “Mundu eftir mér (Remember Me)”.

Coming in the runner-up position was boy band Blár Ópal with “Stattu Upp“.

So it looks like Eurovision in Baku will have another familiar face, alongside Serbia’s Željko Joksimović.  Like Željko, 34-year-old Jónsi is also an alum of the 2004 contest in Istanbul, where he sang “Heaven“, coming in 19th place that year.  He returned to the Söngvakeppni Sjónvarpsins in 2007 with “Segðu mér“, but missed out on the ticket to Helsinki.  Gréta Salóme, however, is a relative newcomer to the scene.  The 24-year-old violinist composed two songs in this year’s Icelandic Final and was even originally planning on singing in both numbers.  (She eventually pulled out of performing in “Aldrei sleppir mér“, focusing her energies on her duet with Jónsi.)

As for my opinion, I make it no secret that I’m a bit bummed out that Magni’s “Hugarró” didn’t make it through.  But I do love the beautiful Nordic drama of “Mundu eftir mér”, and it easily climbs to the top of my 2012 rankings so far.  Supposedly, an English version is in the works, which does break my heart a wee bit, but I should come to accept the fact that Iceland, much like Albania, is prone to switching languages.  But, then again, I was sad to hear that “Aftur heim” last year was going to be translated, and I ended up loving “Coming Home“.  We shall see what develops!

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  1. Great choice !
    It should qualify, but I doubt they get a top 10 in the final.

  2. Coming Home was always going to be in English, the original was in English and made into Icelandic for the show then lyrics re-written in English by Sjonni’s widow. I have a feeling most of the songs sent to Icelandis selection for the past two years are written in English and just made into Icelandic for the national final or at least they all have an English version on hand…

    I love the song they chose 🙂

  3. This song is epic. It should do really well; and in my opinion kinda avenges the travesty that was Helene Bøksle missing out last year in Norway!!! 😀 Brilliant vocals, dramatic melody and instrumentation… REALLY hope it gets Iceland the result that their last two entries desereved!!!

  4. This song is super epic, and awesome and everything I expect from Eurovision. Go Iceland 🙂

  5. I have only one word for this: BRILLIANT!

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