Ireland has decided: Jedward returns!

In a win that surprised basically nobody, the dynamic duo of John and Edward Grimes, better known to the world as Jedward, won both the public televote as well as the regional juries to take a second consecutive victory in Ireland, making them the first act from that nation to perform in back-to-back Eurovisions.  Mentored by 1992 ESC-winner Linda Martin, here’s their winning song, “Waterline”:

The twenty-year-old twins took the news with the same quiet grace and dignity that they always do:

An understated celebration from the Grimes boys...

Just because Jedward stormed to victory doesn’t mean that they didn’t have competition.  Coming in second place was Andrew Mann’s “Here I Am“, and fellow ESC veteran Donna McCaul took the bronze with “Mercy“.  Jedward, however, were a tough act to top, and so it’s off to Azerbaijan with the X-Factor alums.  Since their performance of “Lipstick” in Düsseldorf, their popularity has skyrocketed in continental Europe (the track even made it to #3 in the Austrian singles chart), which may serve them well this year.

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  1. It was my favorite as for studio versions among the Irish songs, but they were not so great on stage. They should give up their glittering costumes for more sobber ones so that it fits the song better, which has nothing to do with their 2011 happy song for which fantasy costumes were proper.

  2. I really don’t like this song.
    I mean, last year, I didnt want to like “Lipstick”, but it was just too catchy to ignore.
    “Waterline”…. eurgh… it’s like something that’s been chewed up and spat out by the 80s, and then been given the Jedward treatment; automatically making it even more unbearable.
    It’s horrid.

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