A Switch in Belarus: Litesound to Baku

It’s just not Eurovision without a bit of drama from Belarus, is it?  Back on Valentine’s Day, a five-song National Final, “Eurofest”, was held, with Alyona Lanskaya being declared the winner with “All My Life”.  However, earlier today, a press conference was held, stating that due to allegations of vote-fixing and corruption, the results of “Eurofest” have been nullified in favor of the runners-up, popular Minsk-based band Litesound.

Although this is still Belarus, and songs can change in a heartbeat, indications seem to point to Litesound keeping “We Are the Heroes” as their song for Baku.

This isn’t Litesound’s first attempt to represent Belarus at Eurovision.  In 2009, their duet with singer Dakota, “Carry On” came in third place in the National Selection, and the year before, they made it to the Top Five with “Do You Believe“.  Led by brothers Vladimir and Dmitry Karyakin and joined by Italian-born Jacopo Massa, Litesound are one of the most popular bands in Belarus.

Assuming that Litesound doesn’t change their song…

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  1. very happy about the new choice made !
    Litesound should go to the final !

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