Finland has decided: it’s Pernilla Karlsson!

After a long, sometimes confusing National Final process, Finland has picked the winner of this year’s “Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu”.  A six-song final and three-song superfinal were held, and the winner was finally crowned: 21-year-old Pernilla Karlsson, with her heartfelt ballad, “När jag blundar”:

“När jag blundar”, or “When I Close My Eyes”, is truly a family affair.  Written by Pernilla’s brother Jonas, it was originally intended as a 50th birthday gift to their mother, and submitted to the National Selection almost as an afterthought.  Pernilla might not be a professional performer, but she is used to the world of competition; she’s a competitive handball player for the Sjundeå club in her home town of Siuntio.

Pernilla’s song is a bit of an anomaly; she’s a member of Finland’s Swedish-speaking minority (which only makes up about six percent of the nation’s population as a whole), and will perform her entry in her mother tongue, as opposed to English or Finnish.  This will be only the second time that Swedish has been used by the Finns at Eurovision; the other entry, 1990’s “Fri?“, came in joint last place.  Other Swedish-speaking Finns have participated at Eurovision before, however, including last year’s Paradise Oskar.  And, for the record, the Swedes haven’t sent a song in Swedish since 1998’s “Kärleken är“, which was the last year of the EBU’s native language rule.

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  1. This song is my absolute favourite this year!
    ❤ WOW. It's got a beautiful melody, and its quite similar to some of Helene Bøksle's more mainstream tracks [and you might remember that I'm just a bit of a fan when it comes to HB!!!]
    What really surprised me though, is just how good she is live. Honestly, it's just as good as the studio version – better even. There's a similar "surprise success" story to Paradise Oskar (which I didn't previously know so… thanks 😀 ) and I'd really really love it to qualify and do well – not sure it will though…
    What are your thoughts, Sam?

    • I think it’s possibly the most beautiful song in the contest this year (so far)…but I’m worried that it doesn’t have enough “oomph” to get people to vote for it. Whenever I listen to it, I fall in love, but ten minutes later, I struggle to remember it sometimes. Also, neither Sweden nor Estonia are voting in this Semi, so that’s a bit of a hurdle.

      So…should it qualify? Yes.
      Will it? Hard to say…

  2. I approve of our entry! I even cast a vote for her in the super-final.

    I honestly thought Stig was going to win, and that Pernilla would continue the line of female-driven ballads that land second (Nina Lassander and Saara Aalto), but obviously I am pleased.

    I cannot explain Ville getting in the super-final after having dropped his microphone. I thought Mica Ikonen would take his place, since he did not drop his microphone, and his song was better, with an identifiable melody.

    I hope we can do without Sweden’s help in the semi-final, for they are not in our semi-final; we managed that same feat last year, though.

  3. Atmospheric…. haunting… superbly sung – one of my favourites this year. Well done, Finland!

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