The Netherlands have decided: it’s Joan Franka!

This past Sunday, the Netherlands held their first open National Final in years, where six performers (most of whom were alums of “The Voice”) competed for the right to represent their country in Baku and hopefully bring the Dutch back into the Finals for the first time since 2004.  After three head-to-head duels and a superfinal, one song stood above the rest: Joan Franka’s “You and Me”.

This sweet little ode to childhood love was the only self-penned entry in the “Nationaal Songfestival” this year.  Joan, a 21-year-old Rotterdam native, was on the first season of “The Voice”, but was eliminated in the fifth week of the program.  Even though she failed to make it to the highest levels of that competition, she still set herself apart with her unique style (some have taken to calling her “Indiana Joan”).

As for my thoughts, I feel like this might be the Netherlands’ best shot of getting into the Final in years.  It’s got a wonderfully light, summery feel, with a great hook that sticks pretty easily in a potential voter’s mind.  The song’s happy, bouncy mood (not to mention her headgear) seems to fit in well with the imagery of a pair of children playing, and trying to hold on to that sense of innocence as we all grow up.  It also feels very commercially accesible; I can imagine this playing on the radio just as easily as being the background music for a Nutella advert.  I’m not sure if Indiana Joan has found the Holy Grail, but with a bit of luck, she might bring the Dutch a higher position than they’ve had in quite a while.

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  1. …Nutella advert!!! 😀 I won’t be able to listen to this song again, without thinking about Nutella…
    Will she be taking the hat to Baku? I’m not so sure about it – I mean its a guaranteed improvement from last year, but the only way I see it qualifying is if there are some reeeeeeeaaallly weak songs selected in her semi in the next couple of weeks.
    That said, I do like it, and it would be nice to see the Netherlands do well for once…

  2. The song is OK and enjoyable, but she should drop the Indian outfit. Sobriety is much more efficient.

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