Spain: “Quédate Conmigo” chosen for Pastora Soler

Back in December, Spanish broadcaster RTVE revealed that copla-flamenco-pop singer Pastora Soler would be representing the nation in Baku, and that the public would have a say in the song she’d take to Azerbaijan.  This Saturday, we finally got our answer.  Three songs were in the running, one from her most recent album and two new tracks.

After an open televote and jury decision, it was decided unanimously that the ballad “Quédate Conmigo”, or “Stay With Me”, would be the one that Pastora would take to Eurovision:

The upbeat “Tu vida es tu vida” came in 2nd, and ballad “Ahora o nunca” took the bronze.

Over the years, some of Spain’s most memorable entries have been strong, dramatic ballads.  1985’s “La fiesta terminó“, 1989’s “Nacida para amar“, 1991’s “Bailar pegados“, and 1995’s “Vuelve conmigo” have all become timeless classics in the Eurovision catalog.  Pastora’s returning Spain to that powerful tradition, without sounding dated or overwrought.  Spain hasn’t broken back into the Top Ten since 2004, but “Quédate conmigo” just might be the one to bring España back to a rightfully high position.  It doesn’t hurt that this song was composed in part by Swedish songwriter Thomas G:son, who is also responsible for five other Eurovision entries and dozens of other National Final entrants, including two songs in next week’s Melodifestivalen Final (Loreen’s “Euphoria” and Thorsten Flinck & Revolutionsorkestern’s “Jag reser mig igen“.  Considering that “Running Scared” also used imported Swedish songwriters, this might be a good move…

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  1. Pastora gave Spain three good songs to choose from; but it was claer that she enjoys singing this one most, which (like with Dino Merlin last year) will mean she’s in her comfort zone, and isnt trying to write a formulaic ESC song.
    It’s a great song, full of passion and emotion, and I would really love to see Spain do well – the only possible stumbling block is if Italy send “Per Sempre” because imho that song is just a little tiny bit better than “Quedate Conmigo”. Wouldn’t it be great if they both managed top 10!? IF…

  2. It was not my favorite among the 3 songs, but still, all were good, so I am satisfied with the choice.

    I hope all of the big 5 will do well (still looking forward to a British masterpiece by the way).

    • Wouldn’t that just be great, eh? I’m not hopeful for my country, the UK, to send anything resembling a decent entry though… 😛

      • When will the BBC let us listen to their song, by the way ?

        As I already said on another post, I am not a fan of crooners of the 60′ and the 70′, but I would not be amazed if there is any electro sound in Humbert’s song as we are in 2012.
        I am really curious about the BBC’s contribution to this contestant how it will be staged in Baku.

      • Samantha Ross

        Well, the songs have to be heard by the time the EBU meets in Baku on March 19, so we’ll be hearing it pretty soon, I’d imagine. I wouldn’t completely count Engelbert out…he’s been working with some contemporary songwriters, so I’m cautiously optimistic that something great could result. Say what you will about the guy and his age, but he can still sing, and he still sells out crowds…plus, if Bobby Bare had won in Norway (his collaboration with Peter Øien, “Things Change”, came in 2nd, iirc), he would have been just about the same age as the Hump. Not to mention the swell of support for he Buranovskiye Babushki in Russia…

  3. Oh well, I wish the guy good luck. Maybe he’ll turn up with a good song; who knows.
    But the Buranovskiye Babushki are just AWESOME. I want them to win more than any otherb act since Jamala!! 😛 Their age is part of their act, whereas Engelbert will still probably try to present himself seriously.

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