Songs confirmed in Italy and Israel

Over the past few weeks, both the Italian and Israeli delegations have dropped major hints regarding what we’ll be hearing from them in Baku this May.  In Italy, a special jury at the San Remo Festival selected chanteuse Nina Zilli to represent them, but no confirmation was given regarding the song that she would present.  Further east, Nina’s counterpart in Israel, indie-rock band Izabo, had their track for Azerbaijan, “Time”, leaked.  Broadcaster IBA had no comments on the supposed leak, neither confirming nor denying that the song was official.  Well, as we approach the EBU’s March 19 deadline, we finally have more clarity from Rome and Tel Aviv.

Despite the rumors that Nina would be swapping her San Remo entry, “Per Sempre”, for one of two other great tracks on her album (specifically, “L’amore é femmina” or “Per le strade“), it seems that she’ll be sticking with her original tune.  The song will be modified somewhat, however, as it currently clocks in at over three minutes.  It will also be partially translated into English (much like how last year’s entry, “Follia d’amore” became “Madness of Love“).  Will this tactic duplicate the success of Raphael Gualazzi from last year (or even surpass it)?  Time will tell…

Meanwhile, in Israel, we officially have the studio version of Izabo’s “Time” (the leaked version was simply a demo, supposedly written and recorded just hours before IBA’s submission window closed).  The day after the song was confirmed, Izabo performed “Time” live for the first time at a gig in Tel Aviv.  With a richer orchestration than the version we heard a few weeks ago (as well as a slightly modified ending), the song retains its summery, ethnic feel:

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  1. Nina Zilli has one of the best ballads this year as far as we know the other songs. We’ll soon know the Bosnian and Serbian contributions. The competition should be tough beetween the ballads, and also in the category up-tempo songs.

  2. Nina Zilli’s song is absolutely amazing, I’m so glad she’s kept it!! My second favourite, behind only Finland 😀 I hope she wins; honestly. It’s possible!!! (Though I’m not sure we could all stand Italy hosting it again./…)
    As for Izabo… still not getting it. Easily one of the weakest ones in this year’s arsenal so far; although I’m sure it will do better than it should, and better than other entires which I prefer (Finland again… 😦 )

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