Preview: Russian National Final

Wednesday, March 7 brings us one of the last major National Finals of the Eurovision preseason, as Russia continues its quest for their second Eurovision title.  After an internal selection last year brought them a relatively disappointing 16th place in the Final (their second-lowest placement ever), broadcaster RTR is returning to a televised selection format.

A total of 25 songs will duke it out for the right to represent Russia in Baku, including a number of familiar performers.  Polina Smolova, who represented Belarus in 2006 (and failed to take “Mum” to the Finals that year) will be giving the Russian process a shot with “Michael”.  The lovable grannies of the “Buranovskiye Babushki” ensemble, who came in third place in the 2010 Russian preselection with the barely pronounceable, yet instantly memorable “Dlinnaya-dlinnaya beresta i kak sdelat’ iz neyo aishon“, will be back in the running with the multilingual “Party for Everybody”.  Most notably, however, will be the powerhouse duet of 2006 runner-up/2008 champion Dima Bilan and 2003 bronze medalist Yulia Volkova (formerly a member of t.A.T.u.), who will collaborate on “Back to her Future”.  The full lineup (with song titles, where available) is as follows:

  1. Lena Maksimova – “Brave”
  2. Ksenona – “Close my Eyes”
  3. Irson Kudikova
  4. The UPS – “Kiss”
  5. Sardor – “Believe”
  6. 4Post – “Navstrechu Nebu”
  7. Efrosiya
  8. Unite it – “Turn Off The Light”
  9. Katya Savelyeva – “Life’s Beautiful”
  10. Olga Makovetskaya – “Positive Emotions”
  11. Rene – “I Miss You”
  12. Farinelli Balls – “Breath Away Song”
  13. Polina Smolova – Michael”
  14. Chinkong feat. Karina – “High Up”
  15. Mari Karne
  16. Mark Tishman – “Money vs Love”
  17. Ed Sulzhevskij – “Sto Minut”
  18. Elena Ekimova – “Do You Like?”
  19. Julia Volkova & Dima Bilan – “Back to Her Future”
  20. Riff Action Family – “Sky”
  21. Aida & Timati – “Fantasy”
  22. Pavla – “One Million Butterflies”
  23. Syostry Syo
  24. Buranovskiye Babushki – “Party for Everybody”
  25. Jet Kids

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  1. Without knowing any of the songs of tonigght’s final, I am running for the Uralic folkloric band Buranovskiye Babushki, who should have won the Russian final and then Eurovision itself a few years ago: their song cheers me up everytime i listen to it.
    I hope for a similar act tonight !
    If they don’t get the ticket to Baku, then I hope the winning song will be good.

  2. Samantha Ross

    I’m with you, Babar…it’s tough to judge without hearing the actual songs, but if you don’t smile when you listen to the Babushki, you may, in fact, lack a heart. 😉

    • ^ SO TRUE. 😀 I hope that RTR handing them the penultimate slot will hold them in good stead too. They’re just so adorable; Europe will love them. My only worry is that Russia might take a Humperdinck-style embarrassed view of them, and send “HIM” again…


  3. *comments after hearing result* – Get. In. 😀

  4. I lack a heart all right! This is even worse than Engelbert Humperdinck!! This, is a classic earcrime.

  5. The song is not as folkloric as I wanted it to be, but we got them all the way !

    The audience will surely vote for them, but the juries ?
    It has become very hard to say which song will win the contest since the juries were reintroduced and that’s forunately better this way than with televoting only !

  6. I just don’t get this craze. Oh well!

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