Portugal has decided: it’s Filipa Sousa!

The Portuguese National Final, or “Festival Da Canção”, was held this past weekend in Lisbon, and a dozen songs battled it out for the right to carry the flag to Baku and maybe (just maybe) bring the Eurovision trophy to Portugal for the first time in history.  This was a big year for Portuguese music, as UNESCO recently included the fado on its List of Intangible Cultural Heritage (it should be noted that Azerbaijan’s native mugham is also on the list).  Would 2012’s Eurovision song follow UNESCO’s lead, or would we hear a different genre in Baku?

Coming in first place with both the juries and the televote, it’s 27-year-old Filipa Sousa who won the ticket with her melancholy, fado-influenced ballad “Vida Minha”:

Dramatic, fado-tinged, female-led…sounds a bit like 2008’s “Senhora do Mar“, doesn’t it?  Well, your ears don’t deceive you, as this was, in fact, written by the songwriting team of Andrej Babić and Carlos Coelho, also behind Vânia Fernandes’s epic entry that year.  Considering that “Senhora do Mar” gave Portugal their highest ranking in years, it’s a nice pedigree to be working with.

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  1. I like the Portuguese song.It is not bad but could be better.

    What a pity RTP does not take advantage of Michel Telo’s success to send this kind of songs to Eurovision though ! Michel Telo has conquered the 1srt place in many European charts !!!
    I do understand Portugal wants to celebrate fado and that Telo’s song are rather Brasilian than Portuuese, but still, Portugal could give it a chance from time to time…
    I have noticed the same default for Spain, not taking into account Hispanic successes from South and central America in order to succeed at Eurovision. I don’t mean Spain and Portugal should throw away their own traditional music for more internationally accepted Hispanic or Brasilian trends, I just mean why not try from time to time ?

  2. It’s not a bad song, but they are playing it as safe as humaly possible arent they! It’s just a bit.. unremarkable isnt it. ^ There’s definitely more interesting types of Portuguese music they could have tried – I’d love to see something a bit Flor-De-Lis esque again!

  3. This one’s just unremarkable. It’s not bad, it’s just not very gripping, that’s all.

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