Moldova has decided: it’s Pasha Parfeny!

Just because this past weekend was one of the last before the EBU’s Head of Delegation Meeting in Baku on March 19 doesn’t mean the action is slowing down!  Quite the opposite; alongside the action in Sweden, Serbia, Portugal and Romania, the Moldovans also made their choice this weekend.  During a marathon of a National Final, twenty-one songs left themselves up to the mercy of a jury and televote.

When all was said and done, it was Pasha Parfeny’s “Lăutar” that took the night’s honor:

It looks like persistence really paid off for 25-year-old Pasha, who had also tried to represent Moldova in 2010 with “You Should Like” and in 2011 with “Dorule“, with each entry coming in bronze-medal position at the National level.  He’s also the former lead singer of SunStroke Project (best known for their 2010 Eurovision entry, “Run Away”, which was performed after Pasha left the band), and took them to another third-place finish with 2009’s “No Crime“.  Moldova’s on a bit of a hot streak, qualifying for the Finals six times in the last seven years, but they haven’t seem to been able to duplicate the 6th-place finish of their 2005 debut.  Will Parfeny continue Moldova’s trend?

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  1. I don’t like it that much. Hopefully, it won’t actually make it to the final, but I have a sneaking suspicion that politics will come into play.

  2. Hmm… nah. Don’t really like this one either. “Dorule” was better last year. And “Open your Eyes” (Dara) was better this year. I’ve loved most of Moldova’s entries (with the exception of that mess we saw in Dusseldorf :P) and this one unfortunately continues the downward trend.

    And WHAT is he trying to wear!?

  3. I don’t dislike it actually ! Could be better, I guess.

    This year, except true horrors such as Georgia, and …what else by the way ? I don’t dislike any song especially. Even Austria, that I have first heavily criticised is quite funny to listen to and watch, but not to vote for, OK ?

    • Yeah, we’d all be happy if Georgia just didnt turn up, and Montenegro will probably be the same, judging by the preview thing we got!

      Otherwise we have Ireland and Austria etc. but they’re more light-hearted than just bad; so I don’t mind them 🙂

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