Greece has decided: it’s Eleftheria Eleftheriou!

The last of the competitive preselections* for Eurovision 2012 took place today in the center atrium of the Athens River West Mall, where four songs competed for the right to represent Greece in Baku.  Whoever won the ticket would have to carry the heavy burden of continuing not only Greece’s streak of qualifying for every Final since the Semis were established, but also placing in the Top Ten every year since 2004.

Following a jury and public televote, it was decided that 22-year-old Cyprus native Eleftheria Eleftheriou would be taking the upbeat pop number “Aphrodisiac” to Azerbaijan this May.

Eleftheria is an alum of the Greek edition of the X-Factor series, much like her predecessor Loukas Yiorkas and fellow 2012 Eurovision participant Ivi Adamou.  In fact, Eleftheria and Ivi were on the same season and even shared a mentor.  To thicken the plot even further, it has been reported that this year’s Georgian representative, Anri Jokhadze, has selected fellow Season Two alum Nini Shermadini as one of his backing singers.  Might make for a bit of an awkward reunion…

Considering the austerity measures that Greece is undergoing, the vast majority of Eleftheria’s participation and promotional costs are being taken care of directly by her label, Universal Music.  (In fact, all four of the acts in the National Final were Universal artists, and would have gotten the same benefits had they won.)

*Technically, the Belgian National Final will be held Saturday, but as Iris will be competing against herself, it’s hard to call that “competitive”!)

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  1. I didn’t like it the first time I watched it, but, I think it is growing on me. I quite like it now.

  2. I like this song too – the singer will probably be a bit dodgy (even though she’s stunning) and the performance will be along the lines of “Secret Combination” / “Dum Tek Tek” / “Boom Boom” (she’s actually nicked one of Emmy’s dancers too I think)
    But it’s Greece. And it will do really well. So at least it’s a decent catchy ethno-pop song this year.

    The most entertaining thing about last night’s show was that the whole thing was held in a SHOPPING CENTRE on a stage that could have been made by IKEA; where the “audience” was made up of randomers going around doing their shopping. You can tell they’re skint can’t you!!! 😛

    • Samantha Ross

      It’s funny you should say that about the backing dancers…Emmy nicked them from Giorgios Alkaios form the year before! 😉

  3. Quite a coincidence that I had a… wait for it… Greek class while the show was on!

    As for what I think about the song, well… what James said!

    And wow… leave it to you guys to keep tabs on who dances for who!

    • Samantha Ross

      Well, when I interviewed Emmy last year, she mentioned that they had danced for Giorgios…I’m not *that* good! 😉

  4. Another rejoicing Greek ethno-pop song that should do rather well. Greece has not amazed me anymore recently.But it does not mean that I dislike their 2012 entry

  5. “Eleftheria Eleftheriou” – is that her real name?!?!?!
    Never mind, she’s hot and I’m sold! 😛

    Oh oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh
    You make me dance, dance like a maniac
    Oh oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh
    You make me want your aphrodisiac

    LOL – I’m sold!

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