Bosnia & Herzegovina: Maya Sar unveils “Korake ti znam”

Even though Bosnia and Herzegovina announced that singer-songwriter Maya Sar would be representing them in Baku back in December, it is only just today that we finally got to hear her song, “Korake ti znam”.  In an hour-long special featuring appearances by former Eurovision performers Laka, Deen, and even 1964 alum Sabahudin Kurt, Maya performed her song live and released the entry’s accompanying promotional video.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of only a few countries to have qualified for the Finals every year since the Semis were introduced back in 2004 (the others being Greece, Romania, Russia, and Ukraine).  Will Maya continue the streak?

As for my thoughts, I think this is a beautifully written and performed, sweet ballad, that seems very much in line with other songs that we’ve heard from Maya in the past (see her debut single, “Nespretno“, for another example).  In contrast with other “Balkan Ballads” what we’ll be hearing this year (and, in fact, in the same Semifinal as Maya), “Korake ti znam” (or, “I know your moves”) seems much more subtle and light, where (FYR) Macedonia incorporates more rock, Croatia and Slovenia more belting, and Serbia…well…more Željko.  Unlike the Macedonians, Croatians, and Serbs, Bosnia & Herzegovina doesn’t rely as much on the luxury of having an internationally-known name singing for them in Baku.  While I think this is a truly lovely entry, I worry about Sarajevo’s ongoing hot streak next to songs with more power and bombast.

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  1. Not so Balkanic as I would have expected, but refreshing and reposing.

  2. I was really hoping that she would have done a slightly different style of song – a bit like Dino did last year. It still sounded “Balkan” but it was sort of quirky and interesting at the same time.

    I’m worried that all these Balkan ballads are going to cancel each other out, and maybe only ZJ will make it. Which would be a shame for Croatia and Macedonia; those are my preferred Balkan songs this year…

    • If juries vote for quality, then all the 3 songs you are talking about should qualify. So don’t worry !
      As for Slovenia and Macedonia, which are in the same semi, I don’t think they will qualify because they are not instantly enjoyable enough even if they are also quality songs, in my opinion. These 2 will be the cancelled one (well, maybe).

  3. Best wishes to Former Subordinate Of Our Dear Dino Merlin, armed with a simply gorgeous song! The video is also profoundly beautiful.

    As anyone can imagine, this is the kind that gets better and better after more listens, so I think Samantha’s concern that this more serene kind is surrounded by more impactful entries is pretty obvious. I believe the Bosnians will know how to stage their entry in such a way that it will stand out, so I would not worry one bit about FSOODDM (acronym is too long, I decided, so I might just have to stick with her other name) missing the Final.

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