Montenegro: Rambo Amadeus releases “Euro Neuro”

When it was announced that Montenegro would be returning to the Eurovision stage for the first time since 2009, tongues started wagging about who would be representing the country in their fourth attempt at ESC glory.  When the act was confirmed as veteran performer Rambo Amadeus, many Eurovision traditionalists didn’t know what to think of the man who has been described as the former Yugoslav republic’s answer to Frank Zappa.  Well, Rambo’s song “Euro Neuro” was finally released today, and I think people still are unsure of how to respond to it!


You see, this is where the logical, rational, Eurovision pundit in me says “Sam, you know this has a snowball’s chance in Hades’s microwave of qualifying.  You can’t sing to it, he has no other Balkan voting block members in his Semi, and Montenegro has never qualified for a Final as an independent nation”.  The gleeful, impulsive, impish part of me, however, is giggling and bopping my head to this wonderful madcap insanity, and can’t wait to see what the Montenegrin Captain Beeheart will do on stage in Baku.

“Euro Neuro”, indeed.

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  1. Ok, as unbearable as Georgia to my ears rather than to my mind


  2. I actually think that Georgia is a possible contender in comparison to the Montenegro entry..,,,

  3. Samantha, you should be ashamed of yourself! How can you like this? When I heard it, I was like “why would Montenegro come back to the competition with THIS?!?!”

    • Samantha Ross

      I know, I know…it shocked me, too! I think it was just the fact that it was one of the few “wtf?” moments that I’ve had recently where I was intrigued enough to give it another listen…as opposed to San Marino today…

      • LOL I had the exact same reaction! At first, I was like “wtf?” then I listened to it again to see if I wasn’t going insane. And then I realized I was actually the sane one. lol

    • I ‘ll anser your question “Why this ?”:

      I think I read in an article that Montenegro wanted to hire a national artist well-known in other Balkanic countries and having talent, whatever talent the artist is known for, so that Montenegro could promote themselves to Europe.
      I do think Montenegro did not intend to send a joke entry, but just intended to show what their artists can do well. And in its own musical branch, I guess this singer is excellent, but it is not the kind of music I like neither unfortunately.

      • The thing I have a problem with is that he’s not really a singer, is he. He may be an inter-Balkan star but still… he’s just talking over what sounds like an ethno-rendition of MarioKart.

  4. May I ask has any of you paid attention to lyrics of this song? Lyrics of this song are fantastic, unfortunately not all of you understand the depth of their meaning …I mean a phrase “monetary break dance” is just brilliant – so simple and relevant to time we are living- yet noone has been as witty and intelligent as Rambo to come up with this phrase before. To clarify, no we (Montenegro) really couldn’t care less about Eurovision..and definitely are not in to win…we don’t need to spend budgets putting up a big show as Rambo clearly says in his song ” I got no ambition for high position, in competition with the air condition…” The whole point of coming to Eurovision song contents is to be able to leave your own mark in the show that has been hailed as a worst parade of trash and poor quality music for at least past 20 years. Our aim is to express ourselves to an international audience-just as we are doing now posting our comments here…..

    • Samantha Ross

      You know, Lana, you’re absolutely right. And after wrapping my ears around the song for a day or so, I’ve begun to take a look at it not only for its musicality, but its deeper lyrical meaning, as well. Rambo Amadeus isn’t just a singer, but a lyrical performance artist who’s trying to get a message across regarding the state of the continent (and, in a way, the world) today. Just because it doesn’t fit into what many “ESC purists” would expect doesn’t make it any less valid of a piece of work. Eurovision, at its heart, is about sharing and collaborating, not about the victory (although, for many nations, hoisting the trophy is a nice goal to achieve). I’m thrilled to see Montenegro back in the competition, win or not.

      I will respectfully disagree with you, however, on your point about the Eurovision being the “worst parade of trash and poor quality music for at least past 20 years”. While I completely admit that there are *definitely* moments in there that could fit into that description, but I like to think that for every Scooch, there’s a voice like Maja Keuc, or a talent like Raphael Gualazzi. Maybe I’m just being overly optimistic, but I think the definition of “good music” is so personal, and so flexible, it’s tough to put everything we hear each year under a single measure of quality. (Sometimes, I disregard the idea of the “winner” as “the best song”, and think of it more as simply “our hosts for next year”.)

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, and thanks for reading! 🙂

    • Whilst I do agree that this song has some great lyrics, that is not what music is about, but, it is only a small part of it. Music is supposed to give off and create emotions and feelings. Through a combination of beautiful sounds and tunes that comes together to create… well.. beauty, and in turn, music. That is why it is called music. A classical masterpiece with no lyrics at all can have more meaning and can create more emotions than a song with the best lyrics in the world with no cohesiveness or quality. Unfortunately, this entry has no musical quality. Yes, it does have great lyrics, but, that is what poems are for…

  5. this is where my vote goes. I love this song. I think it is honest, direct and very EUROPEAN. It is a scream for saving EU, a scream from one little country. I do not know where Montenegro is, but I am going to vote for them. I love this song, I am raping the replay button. Best ESC entry it ten years. GO MONTENEGRO!!! brilliant

  6. This song, as Chris said “one of the few songs that is genuinely hilarious and AWESOME” Best song of the year? Totally 😉

  7. Hahahahahahahahahaha! I LOVE this!!!
    BTW, Is he going to bring the donkey on stage? 😛

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