Belgium: Iris asks, “Would You?”

The penultimate song for this year’s Eurovision has been decided by voters in Belgium today, and it seems that after a short-and-sweet 2-song National Final spanning all of fifteen minutes, followed up by an appearance on an evening talk show, we know that 17-year-old Iris (birth name: Laura van den Bruel) will be performing the ballad “Would You?” in Baku this May.

Iris was internally selected by Flemish broadcaster VRT back in November, and shares a label with 2010’s Belgian participant Tom Dice, who brought the country their highest placement in years (and the Flemish their best placement ever, including a top placement in its semifinal) with “Me and my Guitar“.  Will Iris duplicate her labelmate’s success in Baku?

Both “Would You?” and runner-up “Safety Net” were sweet, youthful ballads, and either would have worked pretty well with Iris’s young, yet strong voice (she’ll be the second-youngest singer in Baku, behind 16-year-old Eva Boto for Slovenia).  “Would You?” only took the victory tonight by a close margin (53% over “Safety Net”‘s 47%).  She has the advantage of being in the semifinal with fewer slow numbers, which may work to her benefit.  However, with Belgium being a bit of an outlier in terms of voting blocs (and neither France nor the Netherlands are in this Semifinal), Iris might have a bit of a hard time.  But it’s Eurovision, and you never know what can happen on the night!

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  1. It’s lovely… Unfortunately there are a few other entries along the same lines this year, and I’m not sure if Iris would stand up against them.

    Still.. I wish her the best of luck; if this song had been selected back in January or something, I’d be a lot more positive about it, but it’s just seeming a bit samey right now…

    • I completely agree.
      Maybe we’ve been waiting too long for a song that sounds finally quite the same as some other ones.

  2. and now, waiting for the British masterpiece !

  3. Nice, but not particularly memorable. 😦 Just like Portugal’s ESC entry, this year.

    I’d liken it to a day at the circus. fun while one’s there, forgotten when it’s over.

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