Preview Video Mania!

Like I said a few days ago, now that most of the 2012 Eurovision entries have been released to the public, their official preview videos tend to follow nipping at their heels.  Now that the official Eurovision YouTube channel is getting in gear, we’re beginning to see tons of these new promotional clips from all over the continent, with many more to follow.  Let’s take a little audiovisual jaunt through Europe, shall we?

Ivi Adamou, who’ll be representing Cyprus this year with the bouncy “La La Love”, has taken a page from Snow White and Sleeping Beauty with her fairytale-themed video:

Hopping from Cyprus over to Malta, Kurt Calleja’s “This is the Night” will try to bring the island nation into the Finals for the first time since 2009:

Heading to Albania, we take a turn for the melancholic with Rona Nishliu’s revamped and edited version of her dramatic ballad “Suus”.  (And for those of you who think she’s just screaming through the chorus, keep in mind that the lyric “Më ler ni të qaj” literally translates to “Just let me cry”…):

Further north, Latvia‘s Anmary hopes that her “Beautiful Song” will charm the public and bring her the fame and fortune that came to Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney…and Johnny Logan:

Just over the border in Estonia, Ott Lepland’s ballad “Kuula” comes with a simple video, partially created from footage from this year’s Eesti Laul.  Will viewers “listen”, as the translated title of the track asks?

Finally, for those of you looking for something with a bit more edge, we have Slovakia‘s Max Jason Mai with “Don’t Close Your Eyes”:

What stands out to you, good or bad? Leave a comment, and join the conversation!

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  1. Albania is sublime and perfect, and it was even in its preselection state.

    I do not Latvia’s new arrangement is an improvement. In fact, I think it was better before. I think it should remain committed to being an oddball by having kept the more raw arrangement. Something tells me it might have made the Final more easily that way. Now I really doubt it will, more than before. Cute video, though.

    More later…

    • YES! Someone else who appreciates the Albanian entry!! 😀 I absolutely love it and always have. The song is so powerful and emotional; the video is so complimentary. Really hope it pulls a “C’est-ma-vie” on us… 😛

      Agree again that Latvia’s previous arrangement was better – they’ve tried to improve it and gone for a more mainstream sound; and it’s lost some of its originality. *sad* 😦

      Also not sure why so many people are saying that Malta is so bad. I actually quite like it. It’s simple; catchy, and he has a good voice (even if it’s not really suited to the style of song).

      Cyprus video – Cyprus song = mismatched. Weird. Wrong.

  2. Ivi Adamou has certainly the best video, visually speaking as there is real scenario in it, but Mylene Farmer did better years ago on the same thema with her song Tristana. Have a look on Youtube, if you please.
    Ivi’s song itself is nothing special according to me.

    I like Kurt’s song: it’s very radio friendly and a little outdated, but it is truly an enjoyable number.

    The Albanian video is funny and strange in the same time. The electric cooking-machine on the floor reminds me of my students’ days, when I was staying in the school accomodation and had to use the same kind of stuff ! But that’s all: please, stop crying over and over again and get to your next boyfriend for the sake of my ears, Rona.

    I like Anmary’s new arrangement better which is also as radio friendly as Kurt’s song, though less energic.Her voice reminds me of the lead singer of the Cranberries some time.

    Ott Lepland has the most humble video and song, I guess. He is just singing and that should be enough in itself. I don’t like or dislike it. It can be releaving and boring in the same time, depending on your mood of the moment.

    Of this bunch of songs, Max is definately my favorite ! Oh yeah ! I just enjoy his song. It just make me feel liking moving my furniture for jumping up-and-frow or crashing it with an axe (just jocking) in some kind of musical ecstase.I definately prefer his shouting than Rona neverending crying !
    I like radio friendly songs, that’s a fact !

  3. Am I the only one who caught the blatant Abba-isms in “Beautiful Song” starting at 2:43?

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