Preview: Dansk Melodi Grand Prix

After a seemingly interminable dry spell, where Eurovision fans went literally weeks without a new song being chosen, we finally break through the ice for the first time this year with this Saturday’s Danish National Final.  Unlike the other Nordics, Denmark’s Melodi Grand Prix is a one-night affair, with no heats, semifinals, or second-chance rounds to wade through.  By the time the night is over, we’ll know who will take the baton from Soluna Samay and cross the Øresund/Öresund into Malmö this May.

Competing this year will be ten acts, with eight in English and two in Danish.  In their running order, the songs are:

  1. Frederikke Vedel- “Jeg har hele tiden vidst det
  2. Brinck- “Human
  3. Kate Hall- “I’m not alone
  4. Louise Dubiel- “Rejs dig op
  5. Daze- “We own the universe
  6. Simone- “Stay Awake
  7. Jack Rowan feat. Sam Gray- “Invincible
  8. Emmelie de Forest- “Only Teardrops
  9. Albin- “Beautiful to me
  10. Mohamed- “Unbreakable

Taking a quick look at the roster for this weekend, there are actually quite a few prior Eurovision connections.  Of course, Neils Brinck has represented the Danes before, performing “Believe Again” in 2009, but a peek into the catalogues of the songrwiters reveals a very interesting cross-section of ESC history, both from within Denmark and beyond.

  • One of the songwriters behind “Jeg har hele tiden vidst det” is Pernille Georgi, one half of the popular Eurodance group “Me & My”, who came in 6th place in DGMP 2007 with “Two Are Stronger Than One“.  The other half of the now-disbanded group was Pernille’s sister Susanne, who is known to Eurofans as Andorra’s final representative, singing “La teva decisió (Get a Life)” in 2009.
  • Lars Halvor Jensen, who was on the team behind both “I’m Not Alone” and “Stay Awake” this year, also helped write “Lipstick” for Jedward and Brinck’s “Believe Again”.
  • Thomas G:son and Peter Boström have written 9 Eurovision entries between them, including 2012 winner “Euphoria“.  This year, they wil collaborate on Daze’s “We Own the Universe”.
  • Lisa Cabble, who contributed to “Only Teardrops”, was part of the songwriting crew for Danish Eurovision entries “Fra Mols til Skagen” in 1995 and “New Tomorrow” in 2011.  She also worked on Sukkerchok’s 2010 DMGP entry, “Kæmper for kærlighed“, among others.
  • Brian Risberg Clausen, better known as Brian Rice, took second place in DGMP 2010 with “Breathing“.  This year, he helped write Albin’s “Beautiful to Me”.

Who’ll take this year’s crown?  We’ll find out on Saturday night!

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  1. It has to be said that Denmark have put together a very strong field for this national final which they should be proud of. There’s at least one song tonight, that if chosen, would be a real contender in Malmo

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