Denmark has Decided: it’s Soluna Samay!

After an exciting National Final, 2012’s Dansk Melodi Grand Prix wrapped up today with one singer reigning supreme: twenty-one year old Soluna Samay will take “Should’ve Known Better” to Baku. After a nine-song contest and a three-song Superfinal, Soluna took a somewhat slim win over runner up Jesper Nohrstedt’s “Take Our Hearts” (110 points over Jesper’s 102…bronze medalists Christian Brøns & Patrik Isaksson scored 88 points with “Venter”).

A quick peek into Soluna’s biography reveals that there’s quite a bit going on under the beautiful surface.  She was born and raised in Guatemala to a German father and a Swiss mother, both of whom were deeply involved in music and the creative arts.  In fact, the tattoo visible on her right arm is of a Quetzal, which is the national bird of the Central American nation.  She moved to Denmark at the age of ten, but continued to roam Europe with her father, where the two would often busk on street corners during festivals.  Here’s a clip of Soluna singing Bob Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues” with her dad a few years ago:

Performing since age five, and composing since age ten, Soluna released her debut album, “Sing Out Loud”, in September 2011.  She calls her style “gypsy pop”, and she’s had a few singles released onto the local market.  “Should’ve Known Better” is not a part of that album, however; it was composed by the team of Remee, Chief 1, and Isam B.  (Remee, a former judge on Denmark’s version of “The X Factor”, was part of the team that wrote “Disappear” for Germany in 2008.  I don’t think I’m alone in saying that this is a step up from No Angels.)

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  1. Good choice ! Mainstream radio-friendly song (as usually from Denmark) but I just love it !

  2. Hmm… yeah… well… it’s not bad. It’s not overly good either. So far, Switzerland has been catchy and Albania has been powerful. Unfortunately, Denmark have picked a song that is so inoffensive it is forgettable and boring. 😦 But then that is exactly what I thought of their entires in 2010 and 2011, and look what happened there. Europe will probably like this more than I do… :/

  3. It needs to be given a chance. I remember Anna Bergendahl’s song, fans didn’t like it when it was first selected because it bet Timoteij but changed their minds in the run up to ESC 2010.

  4. It is a pleasant song but nothing to write home about imo. But then ‘nothing to write home about’ comes pretty close to my definition of Denmark in ESC since 2006.

  5. Three years in a row so far, since the juries were put in place, the juries have inexplicably favoured Denmark. Is this one next in line for the same treatment? What it is is next in a long line of generic Danish entries in English that exercise virtually no risk-taking, from where I am sitting.

    OK, it is pretty. Generic, but pretty. The graduation cap can go, though.

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