Cyprus: Despina Olympiou’s “An Me Thimase” Released

The third entry to be revealed on February 14th was from Cyprus, as Despina Olympiou and her team at broadcaster CyBC released “An Me Thimase (Αν Με Θυμάσαι)“, or “If You Remember Me”, written by Andreas Giorgallis and Zenon Zindilis.  How appropriate that this love ballad was released on Valentine’s Day?

This sweet song, performed entirely in Greek, appears to be the only slow ballad chosen in its Semifinal so far.  While it is still too early for predictions to be made, especially considering the lack of a running order, the potential contrast between “An Me Thimase” and the entries that might surround it could give it a bit of a boost.  What this subtle song lacks in “oomph”, it makes up for in sweetness, and it immediately reminded me of the classic 1998 entry from Croatia, “Neka mi ne svane“, which ended up taking a respectable 5th place in the Final that year.  Granted, this was fifteen years ago (!), but its counterpart this year could either prove to be timeless or simply too subtle.

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  1. My favourite so far!

    It reminds me of Protopsalti. Protopsalti would wear this song very well, too, come to think of it.

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