Slovenia: Hannah Mancini’s “Straight Into Love” released

Contributing to the maelstrom of Eurovision news released on Valentine’s Day, Slovenia released their highly-anticipated song for Sweden, the dubstep-influenced house number “Straight Into Love“, performed by American-born Hannah Mancini.  Even though Slovenia has been competing at Eurovision since 1993, this is the country’s very first purely internal selection.  Let’s see what they came up with:

Over the past few years, Slovenia has experimented with the genres that they send to the international stage, often with unsatisfactory results.  Last year’s rich ballad, “Verjamem“, failed to make a dent on the scoreboard, despite a capable performance by Eva Boto.  The previous year saw a rare foray into the Finals for the nation, with Maja Keuc setting hearts ablaze with the dramatic, attitude-filled “No One“.  Previous years have brought us pop, a folk-rock mashup, opera, and a string quartet with vocals added almost as an afterthought.  “Straight Into Love” will be the country’s most upbeat, danceable entry in years, but only time will tell if it will break into the set list on the Saturday night.

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  1. I definitely think this is one of their better songs for Eurovision. I do hope they get into the final.

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