Estonia has chosen: it’s Birgit!

Another year, and another Eesti Laul is in the books.  It’s been a competitive Final, with a touch of discord between the judges and the televote (and even within the televote itself, with a number of entries taking top marks from the individual jurors).  Although there were a number of strong candidates for the ticket to Malmö, only one song could take the win.

After the professional juries weighed in, it seemed that Kõrsikud with “Suuda öelda ei” might have clinched victory.  However, after the televote was factored in, the final two in the Superfinal were Birgit Õigemeel and newcomer Grete Paia.  (Highly divisive, yet highly kickass, fan favorites Winny Puhh ended up in third place, and trio Kõrsikud ended up in fourth.)

The phone lines were opened again, and by a slim margin, Birgit nabbed the win with her straightfoward, simply performed ballad “Et uus saaks alguse (A New Start)”, just edging out Grete’s “Päästke noored hinged (Save the young souls)“.

Birgit, who will be 24 when she takes the stage this May, was the first winner of Estonia’s “Idol” series, “Eesti Otsib Superstaari”.  She has three albums to her name, and a previous history at Eesti Laul  and its predecesor, EuroLaul.  She took third place in 2008 with “365 Days“, and 7th place last year with “You’re Not Alone“.

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