“Lonely Planet” for Armenia

As announced back in January, Armenia would be returning to the Eurovision stage with Gor Sujyan, lead singer of the popular Yerevan band Dorians.  Today brought us their National Final, where Gor and his band brought four songs to the table.

Following guest appearances by Malta’s Gianluca Bezzina and Georgia’s Sofi and Nodi, a winner was announced: “Lonely Planet”, written by Vardan Zadoyan and Tony Iommi.

(Yes, Tony Iommi from Black Sabbath.  Not quite sure how the guitarist from the pioneering metal band ended up submitting a song to ARMTV, but we’ll go with it!)

It’s definitely a departure from what Armenia has brought to the table before, and one of only a few rock entries we’ve seen so far this year.  I’ll be interested to hear a fuller studio version of “Lonely Planet”, and see what Gor and Dorians bring to Malmö.  Much like Ireland’s National Final, providing this entry with a larger stage and more freedom to move might give it a well-needed push.  As it stands now, Gor’s voice is strong, and it’s great to see a nation returning to the ESC after an absence.

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