Serbia: Moje 3’s “Love is Everywhere”

Last week brought us the final of Beosong 2013, the most extensive National Final that Serbia’s had since the last Beovizija in 2009.  From the fifteen songs in the Semifinal, only five made it through to the last night, where a pure SMS vote would determine who would go to Malmö.  In the end, however, it was girl-group Moje 3 with their dance-pop entry “Ljubav je svuda (Love is Everywhere)” who claimed the win:

Moje 3, a group formed exclusively for Beosong, is made up of the top three placers of the most recent edition of Prvi glas Srbije.

  • Mirna Radulović, age 20, the show’s winner, dressed in white.
  • Nevena Božović, age 18, runner-up, dressed in gold.
  • Sara Jovanović, age 19, third place, dressed in red.

Interestingly, with the appearance of Nevena on stage in Sweden, we officially have our first JESC-to-Eurovision crossover!  Back in 2007, Nevena took a nation-high third place with “Piši mi (Write to Me)”:

They grow up so fast, don’t they?

“Ljubav je svuda” is all about the balance of good and bad in love…he might make you coffee in bed, but he’ll cheat on you and turn your heart into fish food.  (Thanks to for the translation!)

When it comes to the angel/devil struggle at Eurovision, however, it’s not a completely new thing.  Jari Sillanpää sang about it for Finland in 2004 as good and evil tangoed about the stage in Istanbul.  Four years later, Azerbaijan took the stage in Belgrade with their unforgettable debut, Elnur and Samir’s “Day After Day“.  Needless to say, as entertaining as Moje 3 are, it’s going to take a lot of firepower to outdo the Azeri’s morality play!

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  1. What year is this? 2000?

  2. This song can’t be scored, it’s that bad. As a Serbian I’m offended by what we’re sending to the competition this year. These girls are better than this crappy little song. UGH!

    • Samantha Ross

      Well, supposedly they’ll be revamping the entry a bit before Malmö…let’s hope it helps! :-/

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