Straight Outta Kotor: WhoSee’s “Igranka” released

Since returning to the Eurovision fray last year, the delegation from Montenegro has made it clear that they were going to take part in the contest on their own terms.  Opening the show in Baku was Rambo Amadeus’s tongue-in-cheek spoken-word ode to the economic crisis, “Euro Neuro“, complete with a Trojan donkey.  This year, hip-hop act Who See take the mantle, collaborating with Nina Žižić on “Igranka”, or “Dance”.

Dedduh and Noyz have been performing as Who See for over a decade now, and know how to do things their way.  It’s worked out well for them on the home front, as they won the MTV Europe Award for Best Adria Act in 2012.  Whether that success translates to their participation in Malmö might be a very different story.  While Nina’s vocals are strong and provide the song with a great hook, they’re heavily produced.  If she needs a pair of backing singers in order to recreate the effects on the studio recording, that only leaves one spot available for a dancer.  (And with a song like this, you’ll want some major movement on stage.)

Needless to say, “Igranka” is likely going to divide Eurovision fans pretty deeply.  Unless you speak Montenegrin, you might not be able to sing along with much beyond an occasional “na na-na-na igranku“.  Other fans might have every intention of taking advantage of the lack of floor seats at Malmö Arena and dancing their asses off.  Love it or hate it, you can’t deny that Who See are going to be calling their own shots in Sweden.

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  1. This is pretty crazy. Part of me loves it for being such great fun but, on the other hand, it feels just noisy and annoying. As such, it got a 7/12 from me. 🙂

    • Samantha Ross

      That’s more or less exactly how I feel about it. It’s fun, it’s different, it’s authentically Who See…but it’s chaotic!

      • Well, if there’s anything to take from this, it’s nice to get some entries, like France, the Netherlands, and Montenegro, with a near excess of personality, compared to a lot of the more anonymous (sadly not the Andorran kind) entries. It just enhances the Eurovision experience. 🙂

      • Samantha Ross

        Funny that they all came near the end of the selection cycle…had me worried there for a bit!

  2. You know what this reminded me of? Euro Neuro. This’ll be two years in a row of quirky Montenegrin rap, only this time it’s got a dance beat, sort of.

    I was one of the (apparently VERY) few who thought Rambo Amadeus’s song last year was brilliant. Can’t get behind this one, though. It’s 20% more inaccessible and 50% less artistic.

    I’ll be interested to see how they stage it, and vocally perform the sampling effects, but that’s about it.

    Is it possible that Montenegro is trying to save money by deliberately losing in the semi? “My Lovely Horse” taken to the next level?

    Please forgive this rather disjointed comment. I’m on antihistamines and codeine cough syrup, and I seem to be having trouble sentencing good.

    • Samantha Ross

      Doesn’t surprise me that there would be similarities…they’ve even worked together in the past. Wonder if Rambo ever gave Who See advice on the ESC? Oh, to be a Montenegrin-speaking fly on that wall…

      (For the record, I also liked “Euro Neuro”…and it also has a soft spot in my heart, since Rambo was the first ESC artist I saw on the way to Baku. Feel better!!)

      • I trust that you’ll be diligently seeking answers to the Rambo/Who See connection while in Malmö!

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