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New Directions for Montenegro: Sergej Ćetković

Since their Eurovision debut in 2007, Montenegro has had a bit of difficulty finding its footing at the competition.  A trio of pop entries (including one by veteran composer Ralph Siegel) failed to break through to the finals, and after taking a few years to regoup, an avant-garde entry from Rambo Amadeus and a modern rap submission from regionally popular hip-hop duo Who See also missed the mark.  It seems like a change of tactic was in the cards… Read the rest of this entry

Straight Outta Kotor: WhoSee’s “Igranka” released

Since returning to the Eurovision fray last year, the delegation from Montenegro has made it clear that they were going to take part in the contest on their own terms.  Opening the show in Baku was Rambo Amadeus’s tongue-in-cheek spoken-word ode to the economic crisis, “Euro Neuro“, complete with a Trojan donkey.  This year, hip-hop act Who See take the mantle, collaborating with Nina Žižić on “Igranka”, or “Dance”. Read the rest of this entry

A quick game of catch-up…

Ok, I’ll admit it, I’ve been a bad blogger.  Due to illness, travel, and that pesky 40-hour-per-week job of mine, a few major bits of news haven’t quite made it to the site yet!  (What can I say? The ESC Insider is a one-woman project, and sadly, I only have two hands.)  Let’s take a quick look back at the four internal artist selections that were made in Spain, Georgia, Macedonia, and Montenegro. Read the rest of this entry

Montenegro: Rambo Amadeus releases “Euro Neuro”

When it was announced that Montenegro would be returning to the Eurovision stage for the first time since 2009, tongues started wagging about who would be representing the country in their fourth attempt at ESC glory.  When the act was confirmed as veteran performer Rambo Amadeus, many Eurovision traditionalists didn’t know what to think of the man who has been described as the former Yugoslav republic’s answer to Frank Zappa.  Well, Rambo’s song “Euro Neuro” was finally released today, and I think people still are unsure of how to respond to it! Read the rest of this entry

Montenegro has chosen: it’s Rambo Amadeus!

Fresh on the heels of Switzerland’s national final this weekend, returning participants Montenegro has announced who will represent them in Baku.  Following this year’s Balkan precedent of sending veteran artists set by Serbia and (FYR) Macedonia (not to mention Dino Merlin last year), RTCG has chosen, via an internal selection, Rambo Amadeusthe 48-year old native of Kotor released his first album in 1988, and as been going ever since.  As of the writing of this article, Rambo (real name: Antonije Pušić) has released ten studio albums and three live albums.  His style tends more towards surrealistic, somewhat political motifs, tongue firmly planted in cheek, and some have even compared him to Frank Zappa.  Here’s a little sampling of what Rambo Amadeus serves up, both from the early days of his career and a bit more current: Read the rest of this entry

Welcome back, Montenegro!

Eurofans the world over got the happy news today that Montenegrin broadcaster RTCG has confirmed their return to Eurovision!  The network has undergone a change in leadership over the last year, and while the previous director tended to be a bit skittish about the contest (and, of course, its cost), new director Rade Vojvodić has embraced the ESC (and its potential for international exposure for the country, which only declared its independence in 2006).  More details are still to be announced, but it’s wonderful to have Crne Gore back at the party.

Read the rest of this entry