Preview: Spain’s “Mira quién va a Eurovisión”

spain Tonight at 22:00 CET, live from Barcelona, Spanish broadcaster TVE will host their national final, “Mira quién va a Eurovisión (Look Who’s Going to Eurovision)”.  Five singers are vying for the ticket to Denmark, but only one will clinch the title and try to bring Spain their first Eurovision victory since the infamous four-way tie of 1969.

This year’s contenders are:

  • Brequette – “Más (Run)”
  • La Dama – “Estrella Fugaz” (“Shooting Star”)
  • Ruth Lorenzo – “Dancing in the Rain”
  • Jorge González – “Aunque se acabe el mundo” (“Even if the World Ends”)
  • Raúl – “Seguir sin ti” (“Going On Without You”)

There are a few familiar names in the line-up this evening. Ruth Lorenzo is best known in the United Kingdom for her 5th-place finish in the 2008 series of “The X-Factor”, while Raúl came in second place in the 2000 National Final with “Sueño su boca” and has sustained a popular following since then.  Brequette, the South African-born singer who took part in the 2012 series of “La Voz”, is coming to the contest with an entry written by Thomas G:son and Tony Sánchez-Ohlsson, the team behind “Quédate Conmigo”, “I Love You Mi Vida” (as well as myriad other songs individually).

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