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She’s Baaaack…Valentina goes for the Three-Peat

We haven’t even had time to get over 2013’s round of PED, but fans are already eagerly looking ahead to what will happen in Denmark next May.  Unlike this past year’s announcements from Sanmarinese broadcaster SMRTV, where we had to wait until January for an artist and until March for a song, the delegation from the Serenissima Repubblica have not only anonunced their participation in 2014, but they’ve revealed their performer: 2012 and 2013 alum Valentina Monetta, likely with yet another Ralph Siegel composition.  Read the rest of this entry

News from San Marino: The Return of Valentina Monetta

(Warning: the following post may cause slight nausea in some readers, heart palpitations in others, and general feelings of déjà vu in most.  Please consult your doctor before reading.  Or at least post a status on Facebook.)

Well, San Marino, we meet again.  You think you could fool us by refusing to deny the various rumors spreading about the blogosphere about the return of Lys Assia.  You thought you could confuse us by posting calendars in Chinese on your Facebook page and not stopping the significant number of tweets sent out to Eurovision fans by a pair of (now disappointed) singers from Hong Kong.  But uh oh, uh oh oh, it appears that you had the last laugh in the end. Read the rest of this entry