Swiss National Final preview

Now that the dust has settled on another year’s Junior Eurovision, it’s time to start looking forward to a brand new National Final Season.  Between now and the middle of March, the roster of at least three dozen (and likely more) nations will fill up, one by one…and where better to start than the nation that hosted and won the first Eurovision back in 1956: Switzerland.  This Saturday, December 10, thirteen songs from all over the country (as well as one bonus Canadian) will vie for the ticket to Baku, determined by a 100% televote.  As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, Switzerland has actually been working on their National Final for some time now, working through four regional “pre-preselections” in order to winnow the acts down to their Top Fourteen:

1. Patric Scott feat. Fabienne Louves – Real love
2. Emel – She
3. Chiara Dubey – Amina nuova
4. Guillermo Sorya – Baby baby baby
5. Macy – Shining
6. Sosofluo – Quand je ferme les yeux
7. Atomic Angels – Black Symphony
8. Ivo – Peace & Freedom
9. Ze Flying Zézettes Orchestra – L’autre
10. Raphael Jeger – The song in my head
11. I Quattro – Fragile
12. Sinplus – Unbreakable
13. Lys Assia – C’était ma vie
14. Katherine St-Laurent – Wrong to let you go

It appears that the lion’s share of the attention has been focused on the final three entries in the running order, but it’s really quite difficult to predict where the Swiss televote will go.  Who do you think will take it?


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  1. I hope the swiss don’t make the mistake to send lys Assia to Eurovision just for nostalgy of ancient victories (!!!): they won’t get through the semi-final with that song. remember Monaco 2005 that was far better than this to my mind !

    My favorites are the duo Scott-Louves. Nothing original and it is rather safe actuallt, but it’s true that it just grabs you instantly whereas other songs lack something or can be real boring. The question is: how could better songs not be in the swiss final ? OK, it is a matter of taste, but…

    by the way: no opera-pop anymore, please ! I really believed in Amaury last year and I was so disappointed (but he didn’t sing so well, did he ?). This kind of songs just don’t work it out at Eurovision…

    • Samantha Ross

      Well, in Amaury’s defense, he was having technical difficulties the night of the Final, and couldn’t hear himself well. (You can see him fumbling with his earpiece during the performance.) He was fantastic in rehearsals! And I did love “Cvet z Juga”…but the majority of the other operatic entries fall flat for me. 😛

    • Katherine st-Laurent would be my second choice by the way !

      I am really wondering who the Swiss will send to Baku: I don’t have a clue, just terrible fears !!!!

  2. Cvet Z Juga = AWESOME!!!! (know this is kinda off-topic, but oh well, just glad to find someone else who appreciates that one :P)
    Anyway: Switzerland – I would like them to pick Lys Assia, but for all the wrong reasons: she would break a load of records (as in most appearances by a single artist, longest time between appearances, oldest performer ever), but then the song, let’s be fair, is DIRE. My favourite from a musical point of view is Sosofluo, although maybe people will draw too many similarities to Anna Rossinelli, and hold that against her, who knows…

    • Samantha Ross

      My personal favorites are Sosofluo, SinPlus, and Ivo, but I wouldn’t be shocked to see Lys or Katherine take it. All depends on who’s voting in Switzerland…if it’s mostly ESC superfans who call in, Lys might take it. If it’s a younger audience, they might respond to the Atomic Angels. I have a feeling we’re in for a shock tomorrow…

  3. oh where is Raphael Jeger – “The song in my head” in this poll???

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