Switzerland has decided: Sinplus to Baku!

Ivan and Gabriel Broggini, aka Sinplus After a long National Final process that brought together four networks in three languages, we finally have a winner.  Beating out other competitors from all over Switzerland (as well as one “Canadian Idol” alumna), Losone-born brothers Gabriel (vocals) and Ivan (guitar) Broggini, better known as Sinplus, will take the stage in Baku with their pop-rock number “Unbreakable”:

The Italo-Swiss Broggini brothers have been playing together since childhood, but their musical careers really started to get rolling in 2009, when they released their first official single, “Happy and Free“.  Soon afterward, their song “Shoot” was selected as the theme music for the 2009 World Hockey Championships, held in Switzerland that year.  Their album “Disinformation” is available now on iTunes and Spotify, among other outlets.

Switzerland has suffered from some mixed fortunes at Eurovision over the past few years, with Anna Rossinelli coming in last place in the 2011 Eurovision Final, and Michael von der Haide coming in last in his semifinal the year before that.  The Swiss haven’t made it into the Top Ten since they imported Estonian girl-band Vanilla Ninja in 2005, and the last time the cracked the Top Ten with a Swiss-born singer, Yugoslavia was still competing as a united country (Sandra Simó came in fifth place with “Canzone per Te“).  It’s still too soon to tell how Sinplus will fare in Azerbaijan, but “Unbreakable” is catchy and fun, and the two seem more than comfortable on stage.  Should be a good show!

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  1. I haven’t seen the Swiss final, so I cannot judge if they were the best on stage.I just saw the winner’s final performance.
    At least, I am not so dissatisfied with the outcome even if I am rather disappointed. I mean it could have been worse… Let’s say I am somewhat relieved.
    I don’t like the singer’s voice: he ‘s shouting along rather than singing (especially in the studio version: I have the feeling he’s running out of breath).
    That’s just an opinion.

    Now I am waiting for the Albanian song !

    • Here’s the live (abbreviated) performance from today:

      • Thank you: this is indeed the extract I had seen too. it confirms my first impression: more shouting than singing.

        Given the very narrow result with which they won, I am wondering if it would have been wiser to organise a second round with the first 2 or 3 songs… but with lots of “ifs”, even Paris could be rebuilt. I guess I have to make do with these results after all. And there are still 40 or more other songs to enjoy for 2012 !
        Good luck to the Swiss !

  2. I really like unbreakable, it’s fresh, modern, something completely diffrent! But I’ve just bought their new album “Disinformation” and oh my gosh! I love it! They know what they are doing and how. Good Luck guys I’m so happy to see you in Baku!

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