Montenegro has chosen: it’s Rambo Amadeus!

Fresh on the heels of Switzerland’s national final this weekend, returning participants Montenegro has announced who will represent them in Baku.  Following this year’s Balkan precedent of sending veteran artists set by Serbia and (FYR) Macedonia (not to mention Dino Merlin last year), RTCG has chosen, via an internal selection, Rambo Amadeusthe 48-year old native of Kotor released his first album in 1988, and as been going ever since.  As of the writing of this article, Rambo (real name: Antonije Pušić) has released ten studio albums and three live albums.  His style tends more towards surrealistic, somewhat political motifs, tongue firmly planted in cheek, and some have even compared him to Frank Zappa.  Here’s a little sampling of what Rambo Amadeus serves up, both from the early days of his career and a bit more current:

Rambo also recently collaborated with Kaliopi (who will be singing on behalf of Macedonia this year) on her most recent album, “Poraka”.  Here’s “Dojdi”:

I’m not quite sure what this means for Eurovision, but my overactive imagination is now imagining a strange mix between Verka Serduchka, Homens da Luta, and Marko Kon.  We’ll find out more about what Rambo is plotting within the next few months, but it has been announced that he is currently recording in Slovenia, so more news should come soon.

This might be Rambo’s first trip to Eurovision, but his name might be familiar to more dedicated Eurofans.  In 1991 the Yugoslavian entry, “Brazil“, name-checked Rambo (as well as the late Dino Dvornik).  Bebi Doll came in second-to-last that year, with only one point; will the real Rambo Amadeus do any better?

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  1. Courageous choice for an expected and quite longly awaited return to Eutrovision ! lol

  2. Really? This? Oh dear Montenegro.
    I had so much hope when they sent Andrea Demirovic after two years of middle-of-the-road forgettable rock songs. NOw they’re back… is it going to take another two misguided entries until we get something… good?
    I’m going through the “this is gonna be a baaaaad year” phase at the moment… just incase it wasnt obvious 😛

  3. … and while I’m on the subject…
    Having had the chance to listen to a few of Kaliopi’s songs, it seems like she thinks she’s got a bigger vocal range than she actually has… I mean have you heard THAT squeak at the end of “Ljubi Me”… That said, I do like the songs I’ve heard, and I think she could come up with a good track for Eurovision… just will she be able to sing it??

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