Results: Third Semifinal in Iceland

The last semifinal for Iceland’s Söngvakeppni Sjónvarpsins was held on Saturday, and (as we’ve come to expect) five songs were competing for two spots in the Final.

Qualifying for the Final are:

Magni Ásgeirsson – “Hugarró”

Greta Salóme, Heiða & Guðrún Árný – “Aldrei sleppir mér”

Missing out this week are:

In an unexpected twist, the Jury in Iceland has decided that a seventh entry would pass through to the Final.  Seemingly eliminated last week, we’ll see the return of “Stund Með þér” by Rósa Birgitta Ísfeld:

Joining Magni, Rósa, and Gréta Salóme/Heiða/Guðrún Árný in the Final on February 11 will be:

  • Gréta Salóme and Jónsi – “Mundu eftir mér”
  • Blár opal – “Stattu upp”
  • Regina Ósk – “Hjartað Brennur”
  • Simbi & Hrútspungarnir – “Hey”

So, for those of you who are keeping count, we’ll be seeing Gréta Salóme twice, as well as two songs written by the team of Sveinn Rúnar Sigurðsson and Þórunn Erna Clausen (“Hugarró” and “Stund Með þér”).  Will they cancel themselves out?  Will Regina Ósk return to the Eurovision stage?  Will Magni best his runner-up position from last year and represent Iceland in Baku?  Can anybody pronounce “Hrútspungarnir”?  All of these important questions will be answered on February 11, when Iceland holds their Final.

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