Israel: Izabo’s “Time” leaked?

Someone, grab some duct tape and a few towels…it looks like Israel’s leaking!  Earlier this month, Israeli broadcaster IBA announced that they would be forgoing its traditional national selection format, “Kdam”, in favor of an internal selection.  The ethno-indie-rock act Izabo was chosen, and their song’s title, “Time”, was released, but no further details were given.  It appears, however, that a demo version of the song has been spotted on YouTube!

If this is, in fact, an early version of “Time”, I think it seems rather promising.  Some have compared it to PingPong’s “Sameach” from 2000, while others have reached even further into IBA’s Eurovision catalogue and linked it to “Natati La Khayay” by Kaveret/Poogy, but I think it has a sound all its own.  It feels sunny and upbeat, and a nice departure from what we’ve heard from Israel in the recent past.  If I had a convertible, this is something I’d listen to while driving around on a warm summer day.

Assuming this is what Israel is serving up this year…

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  1. Not a mega-fan of this one yet… I guess I was expecting something a little more stand-out and unique, and hopefully they’ll be able to improve on this demo. There’s definitely something there; like you say it’s sunny and catchy, and they’re not just spewing out another typical Israeli entry. I’m thinking “Push The Button” minus the politics? 😉

  2. It’s definitely not the kind of music I like.
    But I am curious of the stage presentation in Baku.

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