“Love Me Back”, says Can Bonomo

Back in early January, after much speculation, it was decided that Izmir-born indie-rocker Can Bonomo would be representing Turkey in Baku this year.  We finally have some insight into what Bonomo will be bringing to the table (or, in this case, to the arena); he unveiled “Love Me Back”, an eastern-infused song that somehow blends pop, folk, sea shanties, and maybe just a hint of klezmer…

Despite the fact that Can’s entire debut album, “Mezcup” is in Turkish, he has decided to delve completely into English for his Eurovision effort.  He is a charismatic performer, and seems pretty comfortable on stage, but general reactions to the song have been pretty divisive.  What are your thoughts?

Personally, I’m a fan.  The song hold on to some of the ethnic roots that we’ve often heard from Turkey in the past, without making it seem too much like a cliched “hip-shaker”.  Can’s more than a little charming, too!  It might not be my absolute favorite Turkish entry of all time (that honor still goes to the trinity of “Dinle“, “Deli“, and “We Could Be the Same“), but I can almost guarantee that I’ll be bouncing around the Press Centre in Baku, singing “Hey, nonny-nonny-nonny…”

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  1. I like its ethnic sound, but that’s all…

  2. It reminds me a bit of “Ovo Je Balkan”.
    Personally, I find his voice really annoying, and I can’t watch him “perform” without feeling REALLY uncomfortable. That said, the chorus is really catchy, and (like Latvia) I’ve found myslef humming it at random moments… Can’t be good… 😛

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