Azerbaijan: Sabina Babayeva unveils “When the Music Dies”

After a long National Final process, stretching from November through February, Azerbaijani broadcaster İctimai announced that 32-year old Sabina (or, if you want to be all Azeri about it, Səbinə) Babayeva would be given the honor of representing the Land of Fire on home soil this May.  It was only just today, however, that we finally got to hear her song for Eurovision 2012, “When the Music Dies”:

An official video for the song will be released early next week, around the time of the Head of Delegations meeting.  Written by the all-Swedish team of Anders Bagge, Sandra Bjurman, Stefan Örn, and Johan Kronlund, “When the Music Dies” has a strong Eurovision pedigree to rely on.  Bjurman and Örn were two of the three writers behind “Running Scared” and “Drip Drop“, which also involved Bagge.  With the exception of 2008’s “Day After Day“, all of Azerbaijan’s Eurovision entrants have had Swedish foundations.

Will Sabina bring Azerbaijan their fifth Top Ten placement in a row, or even bring us all back to Baku in 2013?

As for me, I’m rather liking this sultry, dramatic ballad.  It almost reminds me a little bit of a less-saucy “No One“, Slovenia’s entry last year, or a more mature “Drip Drop”.  The subtle inclusions of Azerbaijani traditional instrumentation and vocals (you can hear the tiniest bit of mugham in the background around 2:15 in…) give it a local flair that “Running Scared” sorely lacked without going completely over-the-top.  It’s hard to tell how this will stack up on the final rankings without knowing who will escape from the Semifinals (particularly the ballad-heave Second Semi), but if “Running Scared” could run away with the title for 2011, then “When the Music Dies” might not be out of the race for 2012.

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  1. …..meh….

    I’m liking the traditional instruments that they’ve included. But at the end of the day, it’s just a poor (wo)man’s “No One” , and it’s trying too hard to be like Maja Keuc. 😦

    And it will do really well; with the added bonus of being the home entry. Beacuse it’s Azerbaijan. Boooo. 😦

    • Samantha Ross

      Remember, people said that about Turkey and Armenia, too…and we know what happened last year. You never know until the names come out of the envelopes or the points jump on to the scoreboard!

    • And don’ t forget the juries who might not buy it either.

      As for my personal point of view, I have the same problem as Iris’ song: despite of the traditional instrument (that makes me think of the Armenian song for the 2007 edition) it just sounds the same as some others though it is not bad. That’s all.

      The real discovery of the day, for me, is the new version of the Albanian song, much better in its 3 minute version, though I cannot see the audience voting massively for it. I don’t know for the juries. It’s still very difficult for me to really like it even if I recognise her prodigious vocal skills.

      • OK, good points. I remember the utter shock when Turkey and Armenia didnt qualify and yeah, it could quite as easily happen to Azerbaijan this year. 🙂

        The saddest part for me is that this song, even if it doesn’t do all that well – will still most likely score higher than the amazing abllads from the likes of Finland and Albania. I love those two songs, and yet realistically, the vast majority probably won’t.

  2. James, Azerbaijan do not need to qualify this year because they’re hosting the show. 😦

  3. Ok after listening to it I’ve got to ask:Has the music died? 😛 😀

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