San Marino: Valentina Monetta releases “Facebook (Uh, Oh, Oh)”

The microstate of San Marino was one of the last countries to announce their performer for Baku, and they seem to have found it in local singer Valentina Monetta!  In a press conference today, the Sanmarinese delegation released the Ralph Siegel-penned ode to social networking, “Facebook (Uh, Oh, Oh)”.


Ironically, it is one of the oldest Republics on the planet that has the youngest track record in Eurovision. Only debuting in 2008 (the same year as Azerbaijan), and then withdrawing from the contest until 2011, San Marino has yet to break through to the Finals.  I highly doubt that this will be the entry to get them to the Saturday night show.  Furthermore, the song might come up against one of the established rules set by the European Broadcasting Union, in which commercial messages and advertising in songs is strictly forbidden.  In fact, the lyrics of the 1987 entry from Sweden was forced to change from “Fyra bugg och en Coca-Cola (Four chewing gums and a Coca-Cola)” to “Boogaloo, dansa rock’n rolla (Boogaloo, dancing rock ‘n’ roll)” for that same reason.

Whether or not the EBU dismisses this song at next week’s Head of Delegation meeting, at the very least, “Facebook” seems to violate the boundaries of taste…

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  1. Well… The song is not bad but it is not so good either.
    It would be definitely better if it were sung in Italian because the singer has a horrible accent and I am pretty sure the song would be more melodical with an Italian version.
    In one word: disappointing.
    At least San Marino made the effort to find a local artist for the singing. Maybe we’ll see her again in the future with a better song at Eurovision (Miodio should be given another chance now that juries are back) ?

  2. I just don’t know what to make of this… It could have been a really good song, if it wasn’t about facebook… If she just shifted the lyrics 1 degree to the left and replaced facebook with a boy, it would have been really good. But… Facebook…? Why?

  3. This song must be a ploy for attention (Seriously, who’s heard of San Marino?). The delegation has obviously broken the rules and can’t be serious about submitting this song. Surely the same country that gave us Miodio and Senit can’t be giving us this drivel! The worst thing is that the delegation has shoved Valentina, a jazz artist, into the shell of an old 80’s pop song with ridiculous lyrics and an odd (not horrendous) beat. If this song ends up being the actual entry for San Marino this year, it’ll be the biggest disappointment of the entire year.

  4. At least, San Marino and Valentina have succeeded in making some headlines…

  5. There will be no step-by-step break-down of it. No “well, if the rhythm was a little different”, or “oh, if that one element was lifted”, or “I know the theme is kitsch, but what if it were different” business. No. All that is left to say is…

    “Oh, Ralphie! Is Katy Perry not among your contacts in good standing? The Katy Perry we all know would be clapping in joy over this number! What is it? Do you not want to make money? Katy Perry, by some wonder of wonders, would be able to sell this to the masses (see “California Gurls”, but only if you are at home, by yourself, with doors and windows locked and covered).”

    Dear Ralphie needs coaching on how to take advantage of the epicentre of bad taste that is the music industry of today, it seems.

    Aside from that one EBU rule on commercial messages you mentioned (The things you learn on this site! I never knew that.), do you think “cyber sex” will fly on stage? (0:42)

  6. This is an example of a composer who’s just a bit “past it” trying to write what he thinks is an up-to-date and relevant modern pop song. Which is why we have this atrocity.

    I literally shiver with embarrassment every time I listen to it. The lyrics are just soooooo bad. I mean does Ralph seriously think that we all spend our time “googling, giggling” in cyber-space?


    Please come back Senit 😦

  7. sounds like a jingle for “facebook”! :/
    did facebook pay her for this?

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