San Marino: Modified “Social Network” Released

After a bit of controversy over their entry “Facebook (Uh, Oh, Oh)”, San Marinese broadcaster SMTV today released a modified version that falls more in line with the European Broadcasting Union’s rule regarding the banning of commercial messages in Eurovision songs.  Mostly retaining the spirit of the original, Valentina Monetta’s song will now be called “The Social Network Song (Oh Oh Uh Oh Oh)”.

The new version of the song has removed all references to Facebook or Mark Zuckerberg in the lyrics, but the majority of the song has stayed in as-is.  Some people are breathing a sigh of relief at this, while others seem to be rolling their eyes at San Marino’s missed opportunity to completely change their song.  Either way, the result is still the same, and we’ll be seeing Valentina and composer Ralph Siegel (author of such Eurovision classics as “Dschinghis Khan” and “Papa Pingouin“, among others) in Baku this May.  Brace yourself.

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  1. They’ve got rid of “Facebook”.

    That’s literally all. they’ve. done.

    *give me strength*

  2. This song…its not even intentionally funny (like Austria or Montenegro). Its just…horrible.

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