Ireland decides: “Only Love Survives”!

Tonight, on RTÉ’s flagship evening chat program “The Late Late Show”, five songs took to the stage in front of a live studio audience (and, oddly enough, Danny DeVito?) for the right to sing for their country in Malmö.  After a razor-thin margin separated the top two contenders after the regional juries had their say, it was up to the public vote to determine the winner.

Technically, after the juries weighed in, the score was slightly tilted towards Aimee’s ballad “Crashing Down“, with only two points separating the two.  The promising young singer had to settle for silver, however, as a message-focused pop track took the maximum score from the televote.  The newly-crowned successor to Jedward is singer-songwriter Ryan Dolan, a native of Strabane, Northern Ireland, with his song “Only Love Survives“:

Ryan, mentored by producer and choreographer Stuart O’Connor, presented the only self-penned song of the night, infused with dynamic percussion and a touch of eye candy for viewers of all persuasions.  Considering that the studio in Dublin was more than a little compact for six energetic performers, and the stage in Malmö is more than likely to be significantly larger, it’s a pretty safe bet that Ryan’s stage show will likely feel less claustrophobic.

(Also, just as a side note: so far, we’ve got “I Feed You My Love”, “Love Kills”, and “Only Love Survives”.  It kind of makes it sound like Aphrodite is competing in the Hunger Games…just saying.)

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  1. This song is really good in studio. In fact, it was my favorite. Then I heard his live. Then I heard Aimée’s live. At the end of the show (which I got to see since I bolted home from school quickly!), Ryan ended up as my runner-up, but I’m still satisfied with the result. On the topic of qualification, I think Ireland’s in with a solid chance. Even though we only have 18 songs, this year seems like a sharp decline in quality from last year. Would you agree?

    P.S. I wish I could’ve seen a confused Danny DeVito. That would complete my life.

    P.S.S. What about “Straight into Love” for Slovenia? That need’s to be on Aphrodite’s playlist too. 😉

  2. The panelists, although diplomatic to the point of comedy, obviously favored Aimée … and they were right. Better song, better performance, and she would’ve stood out from the parade of Loreen-a-Likes that Ryan is getting in line behind. Why is Ryan’s song a good pick for Eurovision? “Why it’s because Euirovision viewers will like the …” UGGGGHHH!! If you have to explain it, you lose. Always send the best song / performer.

    nprovenghi271 – To complete your life, drunk and bewildered Danny DeVito can be seen here, starting at the 1:16:22 mark:
    All the Eurovision talk is at the beginning.

    And agreed … This is one dreary lineup of songs they’re sending this year, which is the only reason I think Ireland might make the final. Heck, I’ll even take something BAD and interesting over the mediocre, tuneless club mix we’re mostly getting so far. Not one single entry has hit my iTunes playlist yet, and that’s amazing.

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