New Directions for Montenegro: Sergej Ćetković

Since their Eurovision debut in 2007, Montenegro has had a bit of difficulty finding its footing at the competition.  A trio of pop entries (including one by veteran composer Ralph Siegel) failed to break through to the finals, and after taking a few years to regoup, an avant-garde entry from Rambo Amadeus and a modern rap submission from regionally popular hip-hop duo Who See also missed the mark.  It seems like a change of tactic was in the cards…

And so, Radio televizija Crne Gore unveiled their choice for Copenhagen this week: pop balladeer Sergej Ćetković.  A performer since youth (as a member of Vatrena Srca) and a popular solo artist since his appearance at the 1998 Sunčane Skale festival, Sergej has released five studio albums to popular regional acclaim.  Here’s one of his more recent singles, “Jos Volim Te”.

It’s unclear when Sergej’s song will be released to the public, but according to, a press conference held by RTCG signaled that Montenegro’s entry will be penned by Sergej, and will be a love song.  Time will tell…

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  1. An understandable choice. After the daring and alternative “Igranka” failed to qualify, they’re appealing to the juries that quashed their chances as well as (they hope) to the slightly sappier of us viewers, like myself. 🙂 I’m looking forward to a unexpectedly beautiful Balkan ballad. Thank you for your commitment, Montenegro! Your enthusiasm is an example for everyone *coughBritishPublicandBBCahem*.

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