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Eurovision 2013: By The Numbers

ESC2013_butterfly_backgroundOk, so we’ve got just about one month before the Eurovision 2013 Finals come to a head in lovely Malmö, Sweden.  We’ve got the songs, we’ve got the artists, we’ve got the running order, and we’ve got our theme…

…so, now what?  It’s just a bit over two weeks before rehearsals officially start, and the customary press conferences and interviews soon afterwards.  Instead of just sitting and twiddling our thumbs, let’s take a quick peek at Eurovision 2013’s entries, by the numbers! Read the rest of this entry

Moldova’s Pick: Aliona Moon

The last National Final of the year was held in Moldova, where “O Melodie Pentru Europa” saw a total of 14 songs vying for the chance to head to Malmö (including one by my personal favorite constant also-ran, Doiniţa Gherman).  Following a close 50/50 jury/televote split, the victory went to Aliona Moon’s ballad “A Million”: Read the rest of this entry

San Marino: “Crisalide” Emerges

Back in late January, Sanmarinese broadcaster SMRTV finally put to rest all of the rumors floating around their supposed participant (including a heavily-circulated rumor regarding 1956 champion/recent Swiss National Final also-ran Lys Assia), and confirmed that 2012’s performer Valentina Monetta would be representing the tiny republic once again, this time with an Italian-language entry entitled “Crisalide (Vola)”.  Like 2012’s “The Social Network Song”, the entry was written by veteran composer Ralph Siegel (bringing Siegel’s Eurovision tally up to a staggering 22, starting back in 1974).  Unlike last year, “Crisalide” seems much more tailor-made for a performer of Valentina’s genre and experience. Read the rest of this entry

Azerbaijan: “Hold Me”, says Farid Mammadov…

…and the fans say, “sure!”

Azerbaijan, the host of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, finally wrapped up its veritable marathon of a National Final process, the Milli Seçim Turu.  Starting all the way back in December, eight week-long heats of either eight or nine singers eventually gave way to a ten-singer Final round.  Taking the victory in Baku on Thursday night was 21-year-old Farid Mammadov (or, to be more precise, Fərid Məmmədov) and his powerful ballad “Hold Me“. Read the rest of this entry

Straight Outta Kotor: WhoSee’s “Igranka” released

Since returning to the Eurovision fray last year, the delegation from Montenegro has made it clear that they were going to take part in the contest on their own terms.  Opening the show in Baku was Rambo Amadeus’s tongue-in-cheek spoken-word ode to the economic crisis, “Euro Neuro“, complete with a Trojan donkey.  This year, hip-hop act Who See take the mantle, collaborating with Nina Žižić on “Igranka”, or “Dance”. Read the rest of this entry

France: Amandine’s “L’enfer et moi” Revealed

Back in late January, broadcaster France 3 revealed that “Nouvelle Star” champion Amandine Bourgeois would be following in Anggun’s footsteps and heading to Eurovision this May.  It’s been a long wait, but the 33-year-old singer’s entry, “L’enfer et moi (Hell and Me)” has finally been introduced to the public. Read the rest of this entry

The Netherlands: Anouk reveals “Birds”

Despite being one of the first artists to announce their participation in Malmö this May, Dutch rock singer Anouk‘s song, “Birds” was one of the final entries revealed for this year’s roster of entries.  Fans and onlookers weren’t sure what kind of song to anticipate from the veteran songstress.  Would she be going back to her rock roots, á la “Nobody’s Wife“?  Maybe a heartfelt, emotional ballad, like “Lost“?  Or would she take a bluesier turn, as in “Down and Dirty“?

Fans and friends, we finally have our answer. Read the rest of this entry

Romania has chosen: It’s Cezar!

This weekend, Romanian broadcaster TVR hosted their Selecția Națională, the culmination of the process to pick their artist for Sweden.  It was a competitive final, with a dozen songs from various genres.  There were even a few familiar faces; Luminița Anghel, who gave Romania its then-highest-ever Eurovision placement when she sang “Let Me Try” in 2005, came back with the showstopping “Unique“.  Last year’s Selecția Națională runners-up, Electric Fence, gave the contest another go with the Gypsy-folk-rock number “Emilia“.

But both were fated to fall at the final hurdle. Read the rest of this entry

Israel has chosen: Moran Mazor’s “Rak Bishvilo”

After a few years of poorer-than-ideal results, Israeli broadcaster IBA decided to revamp their selection process.  The resulting, reformed Kdam was larger than anything we’ve seen from the country, with 30 songs duking it out in a trio of semifinals and a Second Chance round.  Ten songs proceeded to the Final, where their fates were decided by a blend of jury votes and a public televote.

Tying for the win in the jury’s vote, and coming in joint second with the public, was Moran Mazor with “רק בשבילו” or “Rak Bishvilo (Only For Him)”Read the rest of this entry

Sweden to Robin Stjernberg: It’s “You”

We’ve officially got another Melodifestivalen in the books of history, and what a historic win it was!  After all of the votes were talled, fan-favorite Yohio was edged out by international jury pick (and runner-up in the public vote) Robin Stjernberg with “You“.  Robin, who passed through the Andra Chansen round last week, is now the first and only Swedish Eurovision performer to pass through the repechage round on the way to victory.  Read the rest of this entry