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Preview: Romania’s Selecția Națională

While it seems that most Eurovision-watching eyes will be focused on the Friends Arena in Stockholm/Solna tonight, the Romanian National Selection is also going on!  Following a pair of Semifinals, a dozen songs have qualified for the last hurdle before Sweden.  A 50/50 balance of televote and jury will decide tonight’s victor in Bucharest. Read the rest of this entry

Preview: Melodifestivalen Final 2013

Well, here we are again…another Melodifestivalen Final.  Over the years, Sweden’s National Final has become a phenomenon unto itself, with ratings at home even besting those of its international counterpart in May.  Eurofanatics from all over flock to Stockholm to catch a glimpse of their favorite schlager icons (and with good reason, too…Carola is scheduled to perform this evening as an interval act).

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Bulgaria: It’s “Kismet” for Elitsa and Stoyan

As announced back in February, Bulgaria’s representatives for Eurovision 2013 would be their 2007 alums, Elitsa Todorova and Stoyan Yankulov.  Three songs were in the running to best the high water mark set by their ethno-electronica entry “Voda“, which gave the nation its highest placement on a Eurovision scoreboard.

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Serbia: Moje 3’s “Love is Everywhere”

Last week brought us the final of Beosong 2013, the most extensive National Final that Serbia’s had since the last Beovizija in 2009.  From the fifteen songs in the Semifinal, only five made it through to the last night, where a pure SMS vote would determine who would go to Malmö.  In the end, however, it was girl-group Moje 3 with their dance-pop entry “Ljubav je svuda (Love is Everywhere)” who claimed the win:

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It’s Official: Bonnie Tyler for the United Kingdom

Well, after months of waiting and watching the rumors fly, with seemingly every living name on the British music scene suggested as an option, the BBC has finally come out and given the fans what they’ve wanted: a name.  And what a name it is!  Following veteran crooner Engelbert Humperdinck in 2012, the BBC has again reached into the vault for a classic name and given us Bonnie TylerRead the rest of this entry

Hungary: Say Hello to “ByeAlex”!

It was a dramatic finish to Hungary’s “A Dal” process, as the juries winnowed the eight finalists down to four and the public televote taking the lead to pick the eventual winner.  In a bit of a surprising announcement, the ticket went to singer-songwriter ByeAlex (real name: Alex Márta) and his quiet, subtle entry “Kedvesem (My Darling)”, which came in a distant 4th place by the jury’s estimation. Read the rest of this entry

“Lonely Planet” for Armenia

As announced back in January, Armenia would be returning to the Eurovision stage with Gor Sujyan, lead singer of the popular Yerevan band Dorians.  Today brought us their National Final, where Gor and his band brought four songs to the table. Read the rest of this entry

Estonia has chosen: it’s Birgit!

Another year, and another Eesti Laul is in the books.  It’s been a competitive Final, with a touch of discord between the judges and the televote (and even within the televote itself, with a number of entries taking top marks from the individual jurors).  Although there were a number of strong candidates for the ticket to Malmö, only one song could take the win. Read the rest of this entry

Preview: Hungary’s “A Dal”

For the second year running, Hungarian broadcaster MTV have played host to “A Dal”, their national selection.  After a series of heats and semifinals, eight songs will face off in the Final on Saturday.  Four songs will be selected by a professional jury to continue on to a superfinal, and the winner will be chosen purely via a public televote. Read the rest of this entry

Preview: Estonia’s “Eesti Laul 2013”

 One of the five (!) nations to choose their song for Sweden this weekend will be Estonia, who will hold the 2013 edition of the Eesti Laul Final this Saturday.  Tallinn’s Nokia Concert Hall will once again play host to ten strong acts from a broad spectrum of genres, all anxiously waiting for a professional jury and public televote to award one participant a trip to Eurovision.  At least four acts are returning to the Eesti Laul stage, while six are newcomers.  Let’s take a peek at this year’s acts, shall we? Read the rest of this entry