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Sam’s Unranked Rankings, 2012!

Well, it’s less than two weeks before I depart for Baku, and the lull of post-preseason-to-pre-Eurovision activity will be replaced with a veritable maelstrom of news, rehearsal footage, interviews, punditry, and behind-the-scenes gossip.  Sounds like a perfect opportunity to publish my own Unranked Rankings, don’t you think?

As some of you might remember from my list last year, it’s very hard for me to pinpoint an absolute favorite.  My preferences change with my mood, the direction of the wind, and whether or not Venus is rising in Scorpio.  In order to placate my often-indecisive streak, I put songs together in groups according to my general opinion of them.  Keep in mind, however, that this list is subject to change as we see the staging of the entries, or simply as time passes (for example, I couldn’t stand “I Love Belarus” at first, but now it’s a complete guilty pleasure that I dance around to in my apartment when I’m sure nobody’s looking).  Furthermore, these rankings are completely unrelated to how I think the songs will actually do on the scoreboard in Baku!

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Hosts and Venues and Clubs, Oh My!

Well, the calm before the storm still reigns in the world of Eurovision, as there is little news from delegations between the Allocation Draw and the first rounds of rehearsals.  There is, however, plenty of news coming in from our Azerbaijani hosts.  Let’s take a look at what’s been going on in Baku:

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Eurovision 2012: By the Numbers

Now that we’ve got all 42 participating entrants for this year’s Contest (plus a few bonus entries that were later withdrawn or edited…I’m looking at you, Italy, Belarus, and San Marino…), we’ve got a bit more than a month and a half before delegations, press, and fans converge on Baku.  Rehearsals start around May 13, and the fun doesn’t stop until the Press Conferences after the end of the Final (or, in my case, when I groggily board my flight out of Baku at too-early-o’clock the next morning).  Until then, though, things tend to be a bit on the quiet side, in terms of Eurovision News.  We’ve got our songs, the preview videos, news about Pre-ESC events in Amsterdam (April 21…more information here) and London (April 29…tickets available here)…but now what? Read the rest of this entry

San Marino: Modified “Social Network” Released

After a bit of controversy over their entry “Facebook (Uh, Oh, Oh)”, San Marinese broadcaster SMTV today released a modified version that falls more in line with the European Broadcasting Union’s rule regarding the banning of commercial messages in Eurovision songs.  Mostly retaining the spirit of the original, Valentina Monetta’s song will now be called “The Social Network Song (Oh Oh Uh Oh Oh)”. Read the rest of this entry

Running Order Drawn

Today in Baku, the highlight of the Head of Delegations meeting took place: the official draw for the 2012 Eurovision Running Order.  Even though the nations had been divided into their Semifinals back in January, today brought some more clarity to what we’ll see in May, as well as triggering the usual flood of punditry about who benefits from performing when.  Let’s take a look at how things turned out today: Read the rest of this entry

Another day, another new crop of videos…

As expected, new promotional videos for this year’s Eurovision songs keep on rolling in.  Let’s take a look at what today has brought us:

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United Kingdom: Engelbert Humperdinck releases “Love Will Set You Free”

After keeping mum for most of the National Final season, the BBC dropped a bombshell on Eurovision fans by announcing that veteran crooner Engelbert Humperdinck would be representing the United Kingdom in Baku this May.  Once the shockwaves subsided, people started to wonder about the song he’d bring to the audience on the Caspian Sea.  We weren’t even thrown a bone as to the title of the entry; all we knew was that it was to be composed by the team of Martin Terefe and Sacha Skarbek, who have individually worked with artists such as Mary J. Blige, Train, Adele, and Jason Mraz.

This morning, as participating countries convened in Baku for the Head of Delegations Meeting, we finally got our answer.

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More promo videos? Say it ain’t so!

As expected in the days before the annual Head of Delegation meeting in Baku, more nations are revealing the official promotional videos for their songs.  We’ve gone over some of these new clips in previous posts (check them out here and here), but the past 24 hours have brought in a flash-flood of new videos and remixes. Read the rest of this entry

San Marino: EBU puts the kibosh on “Facebook”

When San Marino unveiled their Ralph Siegel-composed entry for Eurovision 2012 this week, there was an almost immediate reaction to the song, “Facebook (Uh Oh Oh)”.  One of the many points of discussion was the fact that the song overtly referenced a business, which seemed to break the rules of the Contest.  Well, as expected, the EBU sat up and took notice of San Marino’s entry and its references to Facebook (which is banned by the rules and regulations of the Contest), and have put out the following statement: Read the rest of this entry

Belgium: Iris asks, “Would You?”

The penultimate song for this year’s Eurovision has been decided by voters in Belgium today, and it seems that after a short-and-sweet 2-song National Final spanning all of fifteen minutes, followed up by an appearance on an evening talk show, we know that 17-year-old Iris (birth name: Laura van den Bruel) will be performing the ballad “Would You?” in Baku this May. Read the rest of this entry